The approval process, for both requisitions and SPO vouchers, can be performed either within CU Marketplace or via email. Before you can approve by email, you need to set your email approval code in your CU Marketplace profile. You only need to set your approval code once – however, you will enter this code every time you use the email to approve.

You will still be able to approve requisitions and SPO vouchers within the CU Marketplace system once you have set your email approval code.

Read the procedures

  1. Access your profile by using your name dropdown along the top of your screen and selecting View My Profile.

  2. Under the Update Security Settings section, click Change Email Approval Code.

  3. Create and enter your own Email Approval Code. You will use this code when you approve requisitions via email.

    Your code must be at least four characters long and may contain letters, numbers, and special characters.

  4. Click Save Changes.

  5. Now that you have an Email Approval Code, you will have the ability to take action via email (see sample below) whenever there is a requisition or SPO voucher pending your approval.

    To take action on the document, select the “Take Action” button in the email message.

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