An After-the-Fact purchase typically occurs when a department makes a purchase for more than $10,000 before the PSC issues a purchase order.

Read the procedures

On the CU Marketplace home page, click on Form Process.  

Click on one of the commodity dashboards at the top of the page: 


Use the scroll bar to reach the Showcases section and select the After the Fact form. The form will appear in a separate window.  

  1. Enter the Supplier or click the Supplier Search link. Select the appropriate supplier from the list of results.

    Can’t find your supplier? A supplier must be set up in CU Marketplace before you can enter a form. Refer to the CU Supplier Portal web page for guidance.

  2. Verify that supplier information is correct. A Fulfillment Address specified by the supplier as preferred will default.

  3. Enter the required item information, indicated by the boldfaced fields.

    a. If available, enter the Catalog No.
    b. Enter a detailed Description.
    c. Enter the Quantity.
    d. Enter the Unit Price.
    e. If appropriate, select a different Packaging (UOM) measurement.
    f. Select a Commodity Code.
    g. Click the add attachments… link to attach the invoice(s) and other pertinent documentation. The invoice must be attached or the purchase will not be approved by the PSC.

  4. Enter the required Justification for Not Creating an Upfront PO

    a. Enter an Explanation of the Reason for the ATF. Include a description of your department’s internal controls and why controls did not prevent this situation from occurring. Also, include whether either party acted in bad faith or in a fraudulent manner.
    b. Enter the Date of the ATF.
    c. Provide an Evaluation of Pricing that assesses whether the prices or rates and fair and reasonable and the basis for that conclusion.
    d. Provide a Description of Preventive Procedures which includes steps that are planned to prevent this situation from occurring again. Also, if similar violations have occurred in the past, explain why prior preventative actions did not work.
    e. Attest that your department has the available resources to pay for this ATF in the Confirmation of Funding section.
    f. Use the Disbursement Has Already Occurred dropdown menu to select whether or not payment has been made to the supplier.

  5. Use the Available Actions dropdown menu located at the top of page and select Add and go to Cart; click Go.

  6. We recommend that you enter a unique shopping cart Name to easily identify or search for your shopping cart. If you do, click Update to save your shopping cart’s new name.

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