From the homepage in CU Marketplace, click on Catalogs, and then click on one of the commodity dashboards at the top of the page (any commodity will work): 

Scroll down to the Showcases section and select the After the Fact from CU Purchasing & Payment Forms:

The form will open. Enter the Supplier under Supplier and Item Information or click the search icon. Select the appropriate supplier from the list of results, ensuring to select the location the purchase order should be distributed from using the + icon:

Can't find the supplier/information needed?

1) If the supplier to purchase from is available in Marketplace, but the specific address is not listed in the search results, email requesting that they add a fulfillment address to the supplier - an email address or fax number is required.
2) If the supplier is not available at all, they will need to be setup using Requesting a Purchase Order Supplier for the CU Marketplace

Enter the remaining required information under Supplier and Item Information:

1) If available, enter the Catalog No
2) Enter a detailed Description
3) Enter the Quantity
4) If appropriate, select a different Packaging (UOM) measurement
5) Enter the Unit Price
6) Select a Commodity Code
7) If there is a known Conflict of Interest, complete and attach a COI form available here

Enter the number of attachments and then add the invoice for the After the Fact under Invoice Attachment:

Enter the required information for Justification for Not Creating an Upfront PO

1) Enter an Explanation of the Reason for the ATF. Include a description of your department’s internal controls and why controls did not prevent this situation from occurring. Also, include whether either party acted in bad faith or in a fraudulent manner
2) Enter the Date of the ATF
3) Provide an Evaluation of Pricing that assesses whether the prices or rates and fair and reasonable and the basis for that conclusion
4) Provide a Description of Preventive Procedures which includes steps that are planned to prevent this situation from occurring again. Also, if similar violations have occurred in the past, explain why prior preventative actions did not work.
5) Attest that your department has the available resources to pay for this ATF in the Confirmation of Funding section

Select Add and Go to Cart at the top right of the form: