When an invoice is entered into CU Marketplace, it becomes a voucher. A Payment Voucher (PV) created in CU Marketplace also becomes a voucher after approval occurs. A voucher status can be In Process, Payable, or Paid.

Read the procedures

  1.  Locate the voucher using one of the following methods:

    Method 1: Voucher/PO # known

    If you know the voucher or PO #, use the Quick Search. 

    Click in the Search box, located in the upper right corner of your screen.

    If searching by voucher #: Use the dropdown to select Voucher Number and enter the voucher in the next field; click Search (magnifying glass).

    If searching by PO #: Use the dropdown to select All and enter the PO # in the next field; click Search (magnifying glass). Select the voucher from the resulting list.

    Method 2: Voucher/PO # not known

    If you do not know the voucher or PO #, perform a Document Search. Use your side navigation bar and go to Documents > Document Search > Search Documents.

    If needed, click the advanced search link in the upper right corner of your screen. Use the Search dropdown to search by Invoice/Voucher. Enter your search criteria and click Search.

    A list of results will appear. Use the left side of your screen to refine your search by options such as date range, supplier, user, or SpeedType. Select the voucher from the resulting list.

  2. On the voucher’s Summary page:

a. Review the Pay Status located under the Payment Status Information section.

  • If the Pay Status = Paid, this voucher has paid and therefore the Payment Status Information section will display the payment method, check (warrant) #, and date paid.
  • If the Pay Status = Payable, this voucher is ready to pay and is just waiting for the due date to arrive. The due date appears under the General section.
  • ​If the Pay Status = In Process, continue reading.

b. Look at the Comments tab to determine whether there is dialog regarding this voucher/order. Use the Show comments for dropdown to select All and see every comment related to this voucher/order. To add a comment, click Add Comment. Be sure to check the box to notify the Payable Services technician of your comment.

c. If you are still unsure why this voucher’s Pay Status isn’t Payable, scroll down to review the matching summary for each line. The Net Invoiced column should be less than or equal to the Ordered column. Also, for POs over $5,000, receiving is required – and, if done, is indicated under the Received column. Further information is available in Resolving Match Exceptions within CU Marketplace.

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