Standing Purchase Orders (SPOs) are for repetitive purchases or for services provided by a non-catalog supplier over a specific period of time (e.g., personal services contracts). SPOs must be submitted with a grand total of at least $10,000.

From the homepage in CU Marketplace, click on Catalogs, and then click on one of the commodity dashboards at the top of the page (any commodity will work): 

Scroll down to the Showcases section and select the Standing Purchase Order Form from CU Purchasing & Payment Forms:

The form will open. Enter the Supplier under Payment Information or click the search icon. Select the appropriate supplier from the list of results, ensuring to select the location the purchase order should be distributed from using the + icon:

Can't find the supplier/information needed?

1) If the supplier to purchase from is available in Marketplace, but the specific address is not listed in the search results, email requesting that they add a fulfillment address to the supplier - an email address or fax number is required.
2) If the supplier is not available at all, they will need to be setup using Requesting a Purchase Order Supplier for the CU Marketplace

Once the supplier is verified, enter the additional required information under Supplier and Item Information, indicated by the boldfaced fields.

1) Enter the SPO Description.
2) The Unit Price defaults to “1.00” and cannot be changed.
3) Enter the full amount of the SPO as the SPO Encumbrance, or if encumbering less than the full amount, enter the specific amount that should be encumbered. This is what will show on the financial reports.
4) Enter the SPO Grand Total amount. This is the full amount expected to pay over the course of this SPO.
5) Select a Commodity Code.

Under Standing Order Term:

1) Enter the Begin Date of the SPO. This is a date in the future when work should begin.
2) Enter the End Date of the SPO. This is a date in the future when the last invoice is expected.
3) If there is a known Conflict of Interest, complete and attach a COI form available here

Under Additional SPO Details:

1) If renewing an existing SPO, enter the Standing Order PO # being replaced.
2) List the Authorized Users for the SPO - individuals allowed to make purchases on the SPO.

Under Notes and Attachments:

1) If needed, enter Additional Notes. These notes will be communicated to the supplier with the SPO.
2) Click the Add… link to attach Internal and/or External Attachments, if applicable. External attachments will be dispatched to the supplier with the SPO.

In the top right of the form, click Add and Go to Cart:

Note: If the requisition is less than $10,000, it will be automatically returned. An email from CU Marketplace will be sent noting that the grand total must be increased on the SPO form before resubmitting the requisition.