You can designate another requisition Approver as your substitute in the event you will be unable to access CU Marketplace. Once your substitute is designated, new requisitions pending your approval will instead route to your substitute. You will need to complete the approval process for any requisitions pending your approval before your substitute was assigned.

It is recommended for each SpeedType to have assigned multiple Approvers within CU Marketplace. When done, it might not be necessary to assign a substitute Approver because other individuals are already set up to approve the same requisition.

Read the procedures

Assigning Substitute Approvers

  1. Using your side navigation bar, go to Orders > Approvals > Assign Substitute Approvers-Requisitions 

  2. If you are able to approve both requisitions and invoices/vouchers, use the Type dropdown (left side of your screen) to select Invoices.

  3. Your substitute can be assigned for specific folders, or for all of your folders at once.

    To assign your substitute for all of your folders at once, click the Assign Substitute to All Requisition Folders button at the top of the page.

    To assign your substitute for specific folders, click Assign to the right of an individual folder.

  4. The Assign Substitute window will appear. Enter search criteria – such as first name, last name, or email address – to find the Approver you want to assign as your substitute Approver.

  5. A list of results will appear as you enter your criteria. Select the appropriate substitute Approver by clicking on the individual’s name.

  6. Click Assign.

  7. Your substitute Approver now appears under the Substitute column.

  8. If needed, repeat the above procedure for additional folders.

Ending Substitution

To end approver substitution, click End Substitute for All Requisition Folders at the top of the page to end substitution for all of your folders at once…or, click Remove to the right of an individual folder.