First Name Last Name Title Phone Email
Adam Alberti-Powell Operations Supervisor 303.764.3406
Chrissy Alexander Purchasing Agent 303.764.3472
Pam Andrade Administrative Support 303.764.3446
Cordelia Angel Payable Specialist 303.764.3401
Andy Aten Director of Procurement and Contract Services 303.764.3450
Shondel Baum Senior Purchasing Services Manager 303.764.3421
Annie Becker Workplace Solutions Category Manager 303.764.3405
Alex Burris Operations Coordinator 303.764.6206
Jenny Casanova Purchasing Services Manager 303.764.3413
Houa Cha Travel Program Administrator 303.764.3432
Gloria Chavez Senior Payable Specialist 303.764.3425
Pete Ciacco Payable Specialist 303.764.3403
Tahlya Cox Executive Assistant 303.764.3444
Jen Dale Payable Specialist 303.764.3460
Crystal DiCino Commodity Manager 303.764.3448
Hilary Haskell Sustainability Procurement Program Manager 303.764.3475
Betty Heimansohn Technical Analyst 303.764.3466
Aaron Henriquez Customer Experience Specialist 303.764.3433
Bethany Highfill Scientific and Research Category Manager 303.764.3404
Shonna Hughes Director of Procurement Operations and Shared Services 303.764.3439
Susannah Hutchison Operations Specialist 303.764.3468
Carolyn Johnsen Administrative Associate 303.764.3411
Stephanie Juarez Senior Payable Services Manager 303.764.3419
Lois Kaiser Senior Purchasing Agent 303.764.3443
Dave Korman Small Business Liaison Officer 303.764.3461
Sophia Lueth Director of Payment Services 303.764.3463
Julie Luthin Payable Specialist 303.764.3407
Jennifer Martin Director of Customer Success and Organizational Excellence 303.764.3477
Jaime Mendez Procurement Solutions Analyst 303.764.3415
Ed Mills Associate Vice President and Chief Procurement Officer 303.764.3456
Shannon Miller Travel Program Manager 303.764.3457
Denise Nakamichi Program Manager, Outreach and Engagement 303.764.3459
Mai Duyen Ngo Senior Payable Specialist 303.764.3416
Robyn Nicastro Payable Services Supervisor 303.764.3409
Bryan Pasternak IT Category Manager 303.764.3440
Sasha Rahmann Business Intelligence Manager 303.764.3441
Kelly Richter Business Intelligence Analyst 303.764.3410
Elise Ridgway Senior Purchasing Agent 303.764.3412
Adrion Rivera Customer Experience Specialist 303.764.3476
Adam Rodriguez Procurement Solutions Analyst 303.764.3474
Emily Ruther Contract Services Manager 303.764.3449
Shannon Sanchez Payable Specialist 303.764.3470
Jon Sanders Commercial Card Program Manager 303.764.3428
Alyssa Sly Purchasing Agent 303.764.3478
Jessica Tharp Program Manager, Organizational Development 303.764.3464
Duane Tucker Director of Strategic Procurement 303.764.3453
Deanna Uhler Program Manager, Customer Success 303.764.3479
Miranda Wall Principal Payable Specialist 303.764.3414
Jaycie Warner Payable Specialist 303.764.3471
Paul Wennerstrom Contracts Administrator 303.764.3418
Chantelle Wilkerson Contracts Administrator 303.764.3442
Katie Wilson Purchasing Agent 303.764.3422