The following information is supplemental to the Concur - Reconciling Procurement Card Skillsoft course and may be helpful as you reconcile Procurement Card Expenses.

PSC Website

The PSC website contains information on procurement policies, procedures, and instructions, including The Procurement Card Handbook.

The Procurement Card

The Procurement Card is a VISA card, issued by US Bank and used by University of Colorado staff, faculty, students, and affiliates to purchase small-dollar items for University use. The single purchase limit is $5,000 for general cardholder use. Exceptions up to $10,000 single purchase limit may be granted on a limited basis with approval from the campus controller. The authorized cardholder is able to purchase directly on behalf of CU, thereby allowing tax-exempt use. Transactions are paid directly by the University to the bank.

Take the courses

Online courses are required before the Procurement Card can be issued. For more information see Access & Training Requirements.

The courses are delivered online in Skillsoft. Log in to your campus portal and on the CU Resources Home tab, click the Skillsoft tile.

Launch the Concur - Reconciling Procurement Card course.

Complete the form

When you’ve completed the required trainings, complete the Procurement Card application, available on the PSC Forms page.

Your Concur Profile

Your Procurement Card limits, billing address, Approving Official, and default SpeedType are listed under the Expense Information section of your profile.

Your profile is also where you’ll identify expense delegates. A delegate is an individual authorized to process expense reports on behalf of another person in Concur. Learn how to identify delegates.

Concur Travel & Expense Learning Resources

How-to videos and instructions are available online to assist you in creating your expense report.