When viewing active requests on the Manage Requests page, requests are now displayed as individual tiles. 

In the NextGen UI for Concur Request, each active request is displayed as an individual tile. The tiles are sorted by date of creation.

Each tile includes the following information:

  • Request name 
  • ​Status
  • Request date
  • Total
  • Alert indicator (if request contains any alerts)
  • Request's workflow status, such as Submitted and Pending Approval (if applicable)
  • Approver's name (if applicable)
  • Tile banner color indicates request status 

View List

The Manage Requests page in the NextGen UI for Concur Request still has a View list for viewing requests by status and for viewing all requests. The View list has the same selections, but the selection names have been updated to be more concise.

New User Experience
The View list still defaults to Active Requests, but you can easily view other requests.

From the View list, select one of the request statuses or All Requests.

For example, if you select Not Submitted, the unsubmitted requests appear.

To sort, click the column headings.

To return to the active requests, select Active Requests in the View list.