Is a copy of the PowerPoint presentation available?

A recording of the webinar has been posted on this website along with step-by-step instructions.

Is APS 4024 a new policy?

No, the university’s travel policy (APS 4024) is not new. Per the policy, international university business travel first requires department approval and then requires approval from the appropriate Officer of the University – the designated international travel approver. Last fall, President Benson and the campus Chancellors asked the Procurement Service Center to develop a process for international travel that includes pre-approval for travel to high-risk destinations as identified by University Risk Management. The Request system is designed to meet these requirements. If travel is to a high-risk destination, the Request form will route to the Chancellor/President or his/her Delegate for approval.  

How will a non-employee/student request travel overseas?

International travel pre-approval through the Concur Request module applies to faculty and staff only. Approval for non-employees/student travel has not changed.

If Christopherson Business Travel (CBT) is unable to book flights (to Cuba, for instance), what steps need to be taken to get an itinerary approval?

The Request module is for pre-approval only so if you are traveling to Cuba, you still need to obtain pre-approval for the trip through Request. CBT is not able to book flights to Cuba. Once your Request for international travel to Cuba is approved, you would need to book through an agency designated by the government to book airfare to Cuba.

Approximately how long does the approval process take for non-high-risk international travel? And for high-risk locations?

The length of time to approve a Request will depend entirely on the Approvers. An email reminder will be sent to the Approver to let them know they have a Request to approve. In some situations, it may be helpful to establish Delegate Approvers in Concur to help facilitate the approval process.

How can we find out who the approvers will actually be for our department? I know it says HR Manager, but for instance, in our department our HR person does not handle any travel, so they may not be the best person to be approving.

The HR Manager (i.e. reports to supervisor) information is pulled into Concur through a feed from PeopleSoft. Whoever is listed as an employee’s HR Supervisor in HCM will be required to approve the Request. Delegate Approvers and User-Added Approvers can be utilized to facilitate the approval process.

What is Export Control?

Regulatory Compliance and Export Control is a complex subject, which is why this information has been included in the Request module. Working with foreign national collaborators, institutions, or students may fall under the purview of various federal export control laws. The campus Export Control offices are available to help International travelers understand these laws and regulations and to provide guidance in order to mitigate risk when traveling internationally.

Will Delegates receive notification of travel approval?

Delegates who are set up to “receive emails” for their Delegators will receive an email notification when the travel request is approved.

If you want to book a car or hotel later (after your trip has been approved) do you have to go through the same request system?

No, booking car and hotel alone does not require approval through Request.

Does this apply to international travel that begins after January 4, but is already planned and booked?

The new process begins on January 4 for all new bookings from this date and going forward. Trips that are already booked for travel that starts after January 4 are not affected.

Does the new process apply to blended trips where personal travel is blended with university business travel?

Yes, pre-approval through Request is required for blended trips. A comment should be included to explain which parts of the trip are personal and which are for business. Please refer to the PSC Procedural Statement: Travel and then the section on Personal Travel Combined with Business Travel.

How will faculty/staff know that they are traveling with export control related items?

They may not know. This is why the system also provides links to the campus export control offices so the traveler can review the information. The traveler can also reach out to their export control office for guidance.

I thought I heard you say that the traveler must submit their own Request, but I thought I also heard you say the Delegate can do it?

The Delegate can build the Request for the traveler. Once the Request is built the Delegate can use the “Notify Employee” button to let the traveler know the Request is ready to submit. The Traveler must certify and submit their own travel request.

When booking air travel it usually requires booking the ticket within 24 hours of first finding the correct flights/prices. What if we need to book before all the approvals have been received through this new system?

The CBT Agents will be available to provide preliminary itinerary information to assist with filling out the air segment page of the Request. It is suggested to obtain the preliminary itinerary information but to not necessarily hold the flights at this point. After the Request is approved, work with the CBT agent to book the flights.

If an employee is requesting approval for international travel that will be coordinated and paid for by a sponsor (no university funds will be used), will there still be an email sent to CBT via the pre-approval process in Concur?

Yes, CBT will receive an email for all approved international trips, even those paid for by another organization. The Agents will primarily wait for the traveler to reach out to them when they are ready to book their trip. If CBT does not receive a call for an approved itinerary, the notification will simply be set aside. It is suggested a comment be added to the Request indicating that the trip will be paid for by someone else.

How can we know the estimated total trip amount when submitting the Request? I don’t know how much a trip costs without talking to CBT.

This is why the field requires an estimate only. CBT is available to provide preliminary itinerary information. Or, enter a budgetary amount obtained within your org.

What do you do if you submit a request for a flight itinerary, it gets approved, and then the traveler has to change their flight plan? What is the mechanism for making an update? Do you have to resubmit and get the whole new flight plan reapproved?

Changes to an itinerary that include air travel through different countries will require re-approval through the system. 

What name should go into the “Request Name” box?

Enter a meaningful trip name, similar to a name given to a travel expense report. Your department may implement a standard naming protocol.

How do I complete the International Travel Pre-Approval in Concur for group travel?

All faculty/staff within the group will need pre-approval through Request. Comments should be added to explain the trip is for group travel. Non-employees/students approval process remains unchanged.

A professor books many international trips every year. However, these are not all for university business – many of them are related to a different appointment. For these trips, he pays for the travel from his own pocket – it is not university funded. Do these trips require approval? Also, if he is traveling for an external constituent who books his travel for him, do these trips require approval? If he pays for a trip with his own money, but it is related to university business, do these trips require approval?

If the international trip is for official University of Colorado business, pre-approval is required through Request.

Does the approval go to the department approver as well as the PSC for approval?

The Request will route to the traveler’s HR Supervisor, then the International Travel Approver, and if the travel is to a high-risk destination, it will route to the Chancellor/President. The PSC is not involved in the approval process.

Who will notify the traveler about the medical inoculations for a specific part of the world?

The traveler will receive notifications and information from iSOS for the countries they will visit. Travelers are automatically registered in iSOS when their trip is booked through CBT. If the trip is not booked through CBT, the traveler must self-register in iSOS to receive travel warnings and country specific information.

What are the consequences if a faculty member does not submit a Request ahead of time? If a faculty member gets a quote for an international flight and books the ticket on a different website and then requests reimbursement after the fact?

Per University policy, all travel requires pre-approval and international travel requires pre-approval from the designated international travel approver. A comparison quote is required from CBT before booking international travel on an internet site and only if the cost is less, can the travel be booked on the internet site using a personal card. If this process is not followed, the traveler risks not being reimbursed.

When entering the travel segments (for multiple destinations), is it only necessary to enter a segment for each time the country changes? (as opposed to entering every stop in a nonstop flight). For example, if the traveler is going to India but is not visiting other countries, do we just need to enter one segment for Denver to India? Or, if the flight stops in New York and London en route to India, is that 3 segments?

All travel segments should be included. So, using the example above, if the flight stops in New York, then London, then India, this is indeed three travel segments and each should be listed on the air segment page in the Request module.

My questions surround what constitutes a segment. If I have a 2 hour layover at an international location, is that a segment? Does it matter if I plan to sit in the airport for that 8 hour layover, or if I plan on leaving the airport for any reason?

The situations described above are all segments and should be listed on the travel Request.

What happens if I initially book a flight direct from the US to Dubai, but a later change requires a layover in Toronto, what needs to happen?

This change would require a new approval process through the system.

Does this module replace the Travel Authorization form for international travel?

The PSC has not used the Travel Authorization form since the implementation of Concur Travel in 2010, but your department may have an internal process.

As part of the Request module it is required to enter at least the flight information, but how will a traveler know what their flight information is if they haven’t been approved to book yet?

The traveler will need to have an idea of what their itinerary will look like (i.e. their travel segments) but not the exact flight information.

Is there a reference number assigned to an approved trip if we need to help CBT connect with the Request?

Yes, the system will generate a Request number. CBT will receive an email notification for each approved request, which will include the Request number.

Will there be any need to keep a paper copy of the approval with the trip folder?

No, approved Requests will remain in Concur for 120 days after the trip end date.

My traveler reports to the Dean of the SOM – will he really have to approve all international travel or will he have a delegate?

Approval Delegates can be set up in Concur.

For Delegates, what is the specific verbiage that will appear on Concur in the settings area for the traveler to allocate this responsibility to the Delegate?

The traveler would go into their profile and under “Expense Settings” on the left, they should select “Expense Delegates”.  Then click the “Add” button to add a Delegate and check the “can prepare” and “receives emails” settings at a minimum.

When entering the travel air segments, we are supposed to enter the destination country that the traveler will spend the majority of the time. What if the travel is evenly distributed among destinations?

When completing the travel air segments page, the entire travel itinerary (all countries) should be listed as this is what drives the approval workflow. The Request header page will ask for the main destination country, and if travel is split evenly between countries, either country could be listed on the Request header.

What should we enter in the box requesting a speedtype for non-CU funded travel?

Please enter your department default operating speedtype which would not be charged.

For non-CU funded trips are the travelers required to enter an anticipated cost for the trip when requesting approval?


What if the start/end dates of the trip change?

If a minor change is made (i.e. one day), and the travel itinerary remains the same, a new Request is not required.

If we are bringing in an international visitor do we need to do the approval?

Pre-approval through Request is required for faculty and staff only. The non-employee approval process remains unchanged.

If a Teaching Assistant/graduate student is traveling (and paying for the ticket directly through CBT with CU funds), will they need pre-approval through Request? Or paying for the trip themselves?

If the individual is a university employee and traveling for official university business, pre-approval is required through Request.

It is just for international travel that this Concur Request form will need to be submitted for pre-approval, correct? Nothing will change with the current process for domestic travel?

This is correct.

Is there a way to designate someone other than the HR supervisor as the Request approver?

Delegate approvers can be set up in Concur to act on behalf of the HR Supervisor.

For some travel the sponsoring organization will pay for the airfare expense. Should I apply the itinerary I get from the sponsoring organization to the flight segment component of the Request?


Is iSOS system registration for the traveler still necessary for international trips?

Trips that are booked by CBT will automatically be uploaded into iSOS. International trips booked outside of CBT will require self-registration in iSOS.

What attachments do these approvals require?

There are no required attachments. The system allows for attachments at the discretion of the traveler.

Is CBT notified when a travel Request has been approved? Will CBT contact the traveler about booking the trip?

CBT is notified via email of all approved travel Requests. The Traveler/Delegate should reach out to CBT when they are ready to book the trip.

If someone contacts CBT with an international travel request between January 4 and mid-month, what information or guidance will they receive?

CBT will inform the traveler of the new process.