The steps to approve an expense report are the same whether it is a Travel Reconciliation expense report or a Procurement Card expense report. You’ll receive a system-generated email when an expense report has been submitted for your approval.

Read the procedures

  1. There are several ways to access your approval queue in Concur. One way is to use the buttons located in the upper right corner of your Concur home page and click Required Approvals.
  2. Select the report you would like to approve. The expense report will appear.
  3. To review the details of a specific expense, click anywhere on the expense’s line and the details for that expense will appear. If desired, you can enter comments for an individual expense.
  4. After reviewing each expense, click Save.
  5. To review an expense’s allocation, hover your mouse over the pie-chart icon to the left of the expense and the Allocations pop-up appears.

    Note: As an approver, you have the ability to change how an expense is allocated. Select the expense by clicking anywhere on the expense’s line, then click the Allocate button in the lower right corner of your screen. Once the allocations appear correctly, click Save.
  6. To verify that all required documentation is attached and legible, click the Receipts dropdown and use the resulting menu to view receipts in either the current window or a new window. Each attached file will appear as a separate bookmark.

    As an approver, you also have the ability to attach documentation to an expense report.
  7. Use the buttons in the upper right corner of your screen to take action on this expense report.
    • To approve this expense report as is, click Approve.
    • If you have questions and want to deny this expense report, click Send Back to Employee. In the pop-up window that appears, describe why you are returning this expense report to the employee.
    • If you want to approve this expense report and add an additional approver, click Approve & Forward. Search for and select the next approver.
  8. The Approval Flow page may appear. If it does, review the approval path and click Approve.

    You will be sent to your approval queue to repeat the process for each expense report pending your approval.

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