The information contained herein is true for both Request and Expense Reports.

Red ! circle icons are errors that require correction by the user before a Request or Expense Report can be submitted. Yellow! triangle icons are warnings or important information which users should take note of and action if appropriate, but will not prevent a Request or Expense Report from being submitted.

NextGen UI

Alerts are at the top the page. If any of the alerts are Red !, the Alert bar will be red. If only Yellow ! alerts are present, the Alerts bar will be Yellow.

The Alerts view defaults (minimized or expanded) are defined based on where users are in the system them. Users can both minimize and expand Alerts by using the arrow on the right-hand side of the Alerts bar.

There are a couple ways users can view alerts including; clicking on the icon to expose the message for the expense being flagged and by reading them in the Alerts box at the top of any page.

Main Expense Report (or Request) page view of the Alerts box – by default, this view is always minimized. Users must expand the box to view the alerts. Notice that each Alert tells users where the alert is being flagged (Report or Expense), and the View link at the end of the alert message will take users to the page or expense that requires correction and/or possible action.

Expense (or Expected Expense) entry view of the Alerts box – by default, this view is always expanded, but can be minimized. Users can correct and/or action as appropriate. There is no View link in this view since the user is already in the expense in which the alert applies.

Once all Red! alerts are corrected and the appropriate action (if any) on the Yellow! alerts is completed, users can submit the Request or Expense Report.