You can request reimbursement for mileage driven in your personal vehicle – while in travel status – that is more than your normal round-trip commute to your primary work location. The Mileage Calculator is a feature within Concur used to enter your reimbursable miles – which may include deducting your normal round-trip commute – by way of an online map.

If you need additional information on Reimbursable Mileage click here.

On the Add Expense page, click the Create New Expense tab.

Select the Car Mileage expense type.

On the New Expense page, complete the required fields (marked with a red asterisk).

Enter the Transaction Date. The Transaction Date determines the mileage reimbursement rate the system will use.

You can use the Mileage Calculator to look up the distance of your trip.

Click the Mileage Calculator link.

Enter the Waypoints for your trip, and Google maps will calculate the route.

Click Make Round Trip. The mileage amount doubles. You can add additional waypoints to your trip as needed.