To create a new expense report, navigate the Concur home page as per your preference to reach the Expense page. Once in the Manage Expenses page, click the +Create New Report box.

In the NextGen UI, a new window pops up for the user to select and complete the appropriate report along with all necessary information relevant to the Type of Report. Once all the information has been completed, click the blue Create Report button to continue with the report.


In the NextGen UI, Exceptions are new called Alerts. Alerts will no longer immediately appear. Instead, the user will be taken to another page. It is at the top of that page where the Alerts will be. Alerts are by default minimized in the NextGen UI.  Alert ribbons can be red or yellow. To view the Alerts and associated messages, users will need to click the drop-down carrot to expand the window exposing the Alerts for acknowledgement or to take corrective action.

Deleting a Report

In the NextGen UI, to delete a report, click on the trash can icon, next to the Report Name. A pop-up will appear asking the user to Confirm Delete by clicking Delete or Do Not Delete.