NextGen UI

In the NextGen UI, users will need to click the Attendees link towards the top left of the page.  


A pop-up will appear, click the blue Add button.

From there, users can use the various tab to search for an existing attendee or create a new attendee. In the NextGen UI, Recent Attendees is the equivalent of Favorites from the existing UI.

To create a New Attendee, click on the Create New Attendee link enter the appropriate information using the drop down option(s) and entering attendees information, click the blue Create Attendee button. A green alert bar will appear at the top of the window stating the Attendee has been added.  Repeat the entry steps until all attendees have been added.  Once all attendees have been added, click the Cancel link. This will return the user to the full attendee listing.

Confirm for accuracy and click the blue Save button. Users will be returned to the expense entry page and will see the Attendee link update with the number of attendees entered.