In Concur, you need to itemize employee lodging expenses, meaning you need to break out the individual costs of each night’s stay.

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  1. If you paid for your lodging with your Travel Card - click Import Expenses to select and move that expense to your report.
    • Note: If you paid your lodging with personal funds, you’ll need to add a New Expense to your report.
  2. If you have a Travel Card transaction, you’ll see that many fields are filled in automatically for you. If you didn't use a Travel Card, you'll need to fill this information in.
    • Make sure the Expense Type is Lodging Rates
    • The Transaction Date will default to your check-out date. The Vendor, Location, and Amount may also default.
      Note: If you don’t see your hotel vendor listed, select Other - See Comments from the dropdown and remember to add the name of the hotel in the Comment section.
    • Leave the Is Required Receipt Included? dropdown as Yes.
    • If you paid some or all of your lodging in advance of your stay, see section on Lodging Deposits, below.
  3. Click Attach Receipt. If you saved your receipt to your desktop, you can browse for it or attach it from the Available Receipts section.
  4. Now it’s time to break out the specific expenses for each day, just as you see them on your itemized lodging receipt. Click Itemize.
  5. Select your Check-in Date and verify the Check-out Date is correct. The Number of Nights automatically calculates.
  6. Under Recurring Charges (each night), enter your nightly room rates and taxes. If your nightly rates varied, enter the lowest amount now. You can update that amount on each night, later.
    If you have several daily taxes on your hotel receipt, you can add them together.
  7. Use the Additional Charges (each night) section to enter any regular additional daily expenses -- like parking, or a resort fee. For each of these repeating costs: Select the appropriate Expense Type and enter the daily Amount.
  8. Click Save Itemizations.
    Your nightly lodging expenses are now itemized on the left side of your Concur screen. The right side of your screen will show the remaining amount to be itemized.
  9. You can adjust any of the itemized expenses, for example, you had a different room rate for different nights of your stay. Click on the line, update the amount on the right side of your screen, then click Save.
  10. Did you have any other one-time charges on your hotel bill  -- like room service or a gift shop purchase? Keep itemizing, using the appropriate Expense Types, like Personal Travel Charge (not reimbursable).

Lodging Deposits

Did you make a lodging deposit for your stay?

  • Use the Expense Type Lodging Deposit (Checkout Credit) and enter the deposit as a negative amount.
  • And then -- if you did pay a lodging deposit -- be sure you have a separate expense line on your report for Expense Type Lodging Deposit (Pre-Trip).
    Note: If all lodging was paid ahead of time, you may have a big lodging deposit or more than one lodging deposit. That's OK.

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