Effective Date: March 1, 2019


This procedural statement sets forth university requirements for use of the Official Function form when food/beverage is purchased for an official function. (For use of the Official Function form when alcohol is purchased for an event, see the PPS Alcoholic Beverages Purchased for University Events.)

For information on how to purchase food, beverage, catered services, meeting facilities, and other items related to official functions, see the How to Buy Official Functions purchasing instructions.


Italicized terms are defined in the Policy Glossary. Underlined terms are defined in the Finance and Procurement Procedure Glossary.

Procedural Statement

The most common types of official functions are:

  • Training functions. (Held to enhance staff knowledge or to educate employees, associates, or other individuals. Training functions should have written agendas, study materials, and be led by identified presenters.)
  • Community relation functions.
  • Employee recognition events and retirement functions.
  • Goodwill functions.
  • Multi-unit or multi-campus events. (Participating units may not report to the same officer, and events may not occur more often than monthly.)
  • Recruitment functions. (Held to enlist new employees, students, etc.)
  • Development/donor cultivation functions. (Requires use of advancement/development funds-Fund 36.)
  • Student functions. (Hosted for students, and directly related to student/educational development, e.g., student recognition, student recruitment, and student program development.)

For purposes of determining the use of the Official Function (OF) form, the cost of an official function is the cost of food/beverage for personal consumption and related taxes/tips.
• The organizational unit must complete the OF form if:

  • The total cost of the official function exceeds $500; or,
  • Regardless of total cost, the per-person cost of the official function exceeds $85.

• In addition to Organizational Unit Authorizing Signature, the OF form must be approved by an officer who is the appropriate campus oversight manager for this function if:

  • The total cost of the official function exceeds $10,000; or,
  • Regardless of total cost, the per-person cost of the official function exceeds $85.

Furthermore, the requirements of this procedural statement must be considered in conjunction with any campus-specific policies on alcoholic beverages.


The OF form is not applicable to the following cases:

  • purchases of strictly business materials (copies of handouts, room/instructional equipment rentals, etc.) for workday-type functions such as staff/faculty meetings;
  • purchases of food for conferences hosted by the University;
  • purchases of food for ordinary student residential life activities;
  • purchases of food for research/instructional projects; and,
  • purchases of food for resale.

Paper Forms and the Expense System

When documenting information for Employee Reimbursement and Procurement Card transactions in the Expense System, note:

The Official Function paper form is not required for transactions processed in the Expense System since entry of required information and routing for approval is already handled by the system.

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