Graduate Coordinator Jessica Halliday pictured on a bicycle near CU Denver
Jessica Halliday
Graduate Coordinator
Graduate School

Why did you initially apply to work at CU?

I was born and raised in Colorado and recognized CU as a great institution for which I would like to work.  I had been working with another university in Colorado for 7 years so when we decided to move closer to Denver, I jumped at the opportunity to apply with CU.

What makes CU a great place to work?

CU treats its employees well in a variety of aspects.  The health and retirement benefits are great and the tuition waiver for 9 semester hours a year is great for either pursuing a degree or just furthering your knowledge as a non-degree student.  They also provide a lot of support to their employees through various offices.   

What is/are your favorite aspect(s) of working at CU?

I love working right in downtown Denver doing something I love to do.  I enjoy working with the students, as well as the staff and faculty.  I have had many positive interactions with other staff members and met some truly amazing people.    

What is the best part of your workday?

Helping and encouraging students as they pursue their goals in higher education.

What do you enjoy most about living in Colorado?

Living in such a beautiful place where it is easy and enjoyable to be physically active and it is encouraged!

What is your favorite campus/neighborhood location?

I love all the beautiful trees and outdoor spaces on campus.  It is such a beautiful campus with all the old trees and buildings.

What is your favorite area restaurant?

Linger in the Highlands.

What do you enjoy doing on your spare time?

I love doing anything physically active with my husband, including CrossFit, hiking, road biking and running.  I also enjoy cooking, playing with my Bengal kitten and getting involved with church.