The definition of the role of the president of the University of Colorado is articulated in Regent Policy 3.A.1.

3.A.1. President

(A)  As provided by laws of the state of Colorado, the president shall be the principal executive officer of the university, a member of the faculty, and shall carry out the policies and programs established by the Board of Regents.  [Section 23-20-106, C.R.S.]

(B)  As the principal executive officer, the president shall be responsible for the academic, administrative, and fiscal matters of the university and for compliance of all university matters with applicable regent laws and policies and state and federal constitutions, laws, and regulations. The president shall be the arbiter in case of intra-university conflicts. The president may delegate the responsibility of university academic, administrative and fiscal operations, so long as the delegation is consistent with other university laws and policies and with federal and state law.

(C)  The president shall report directly to the Board of Regents, serve at its pleasure, and hold office until removed by the Board of Regents.

(D)  The president shall be the chief academic officer of the university and a member of its faculty thereof. As chief academic officer, the president shall be responsible for providing academic leadership for the university in meeting the needs of the state and shall maintain and advance the academic policies of the university.

(E)  The president shall be the chief spokesperson for the university and interpreter of university policy and shall represent and interpret the roles, goals, and needs of the university throughout the state and elsewhere.

CU Regent Policy 3.A.1.