Administrative Policy Statements Under Review

PDF List of Policies Under Review

Off-Cycle Policies Under Review
President/TEAM Action:  November 3, 2015
Policy Effective Dates:  Upon the President's Signature
(As of 09-23-2015)


Rescissions Revisions New



2026-University Trademarks, Trade Names and Service Marks


Rescissions Revisions New


8012-Special Tuition Status


Tentative Policies Under Review
President/TEAM Action:  December 10, 2015
Policy Effective Dates:  January 1, 2016
(As of 10-07-2015)



Rescissions Revisions New


2006-Retention of University Records

2025-University Brand Identity and Logo Usage (Previously, University Brand Identity and Trademarks)



Rescissions Revisions New



4061-Accounts Receivable Collections

  • Draft*
  • Justification*

Human Resources

*In progress - justifications and drafts will be posted when available.

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