Tentative timeline of activities is outlined below; meeting dates and specific activity start/end times are subject to change.
Online Learning Project Timeline
Online Learning Project Timeline Legend

Activities completed and in process

Primary research

  • Conducted interviews with provosts and chancellors at each CU campus
  • Conducted some 75 interviews with faculty and other stakeholders across all four CU campuses
  • Fielded prospective student survey with more than 1,450 completes to assess level of demand for online education in Colorado and surrounding states by program type and vertical
  • Conducted eight interviews with leaders of scaled online institutions to understand industry-leading practices, operating models and the future-state of online learning

Secondary research

  • Developed 12 case studies of online learning models, focusing on strategic differentiation and growth models
  • Analyzed market data and secondary research to understand online learning trends

Activities in process

  • Workforce demand analysis: Conducting interviews with major employers within Colorado and surrounding region; assess online program opportunities related to trends in job demand
  • External market analysis: Refining market opportunity analysis with additional stakeholder input and data analysis
  • Internal assessment: Synthesizing internal data and stakeholder interview perspectives to build a fact-base to illustrate the current state of online learning across all CU campuses