EY-Parthenon is working with the CU system in collaboration with the campuses to:

  • Understand the current state of online learning across the CU system: Analysis of each campus’s current online learning capabilities through interviews with faculty, administrators, and staff at each campus; analysis of organizational and financial data for online programs and supporting offices
  • Assess the market for online learning in the Colorado region and nationally: Overview of online learning trends (e.g., program offerings, growth); competitive benchmarking against best practices at key successful online learning providers; competitor case studies to understand spectrum of operating models and approach to growth; analysis of job demand and employer perspectives in the Colorado region
  • Create a broad set of strategic options, tailored to the CU context: The robust fact-base of internal capabilities and market knowledge can then create a set of strategic options that outline a variety of operating models, with different degrees of decentralization / centralization and growth / scale outcomes. These options, coupled with the underlying market and campus-specific data, can provide the campus and system a common foundation from which to continue the conversation regarding the future of online learning at CU
  • Engage with stakeholders to collect relevant perspectives: Ensure open lines of communication and process transparency; provide opportunities for faculty, administrators and staff across all campuses and the system to learn about ongoing project progress and provide input and expertise, focus groups, etc.