The Office of Information Security uses the Wombat service to simulate phishing emails and train employees to identify email scams. Departments can also request targeted training to proactively increase information security awareness in their area.

Quarterly Departmental Reports

To learn more about your department’s response to the simulated phishing conducted by OIS on a quarterly basis, departmental leadership may request a summarized report for their area.  We will not provide departments with information on specific individuals. To preserve confidentiality, we only provide this data to departments of at least 30 employees so that a summary will not provide insight into individual responses. 

One-time or Recurring Simulated Phishing Emails

OIS can help plan, manage, and report phishing campaigns tailored to your team.  We can run a phishing education campaign targeting a group of employees that can include any combination of temporary, part-time, and full-time. As long as they have an email address ending in,,, or, we can help train them.  Note that this group needs to be at least 30 employees, but they can be from multiple departments.


Are simulated phishing emails inadequate to keep your team sharp on identifying phishing messages?  Would you like more in-depth training to meet the unique needs of your department? 

OIS can help plan, manage, and report on training, including: computer-based modules, videos and posters.  Through Wombat, we can make training available to staff on a variety of topics including: Security Essentials, Introduction to Phishing, Avoiding Dangerous Links, Avoiding Dangerous Attachments, Data Entry Phishing, Email Protection Tools, Email Security on Mobile Devices and Spear Phishing Threats.  Some of these security awareness and training offerings may even help you meet mandatory compliance requirements!

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