Open Educational Resources

An all-campus initiative, the CU OER Collaborative is at the forefront of the University of Colorado's adoption of OERs. Sharing workloads and resources, as well as designing and implementing professional development opportunities, the council recognizes the ability of appropriate OER adoption to lower students' cost of attendance, improve learning, and increase equitable access to learning resources.

The CU/Auraria OER (Open Educational Resources) Collaborative is committed to the expansion, adoption, and, to a lesser extent, creation of OERs at its member institutions. The goals of this commitment are to lower students’ cost of attendance, improve learning, and increase equitable access to learning resources. ​
The Collaborative is responsible for:
·         sharing OER resources among member institutions,  
·         collaborating on messaging, communications, and design/implementation of professional development opportunities, and 
·         seeking funding.