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MOOCs, or massive open online courses, are open-access, non-credit classes offered through Coursera available at no cost to participants. Coursera's comprehensive education platform combines mastery-based learning principles with video lectures, interactive content and an expanded community of peers, enabling universities to develop and deliver content with the potential to boost completion, quality and access to higher education for students in classrooms and across the globe.


CU System has been creating MOOCs with Coursera as a top-tier partner since 2013, providing an ever-growing global reach, meaningful impact, and a revenue source for faculty, the campuses, and the System.


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1,820,135*   enrollments


Global Representation of MOOCs Enrollments - Asia 36%, North America 30%, Europe 22%, Africa 6%, South America 5%

* Total enrollments since 2013



Numbers for MOOCs - 100 courses, 41 faculty members, 21 specializations



Yearly Rate of Increase for Course Enrollments - from 2019 to 2020, there was a 460% increase.


Rate of Increase, Yearly (2019-2020)

6 Month Rate of Increase for Course Completion - there was a 754% increase.


Rate of Increase, 6 Months

Total Increase of Revenue in 9 Months - there was a 53% increase.


Growth over 9 Months (2019-2020)


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CU offers 20 multi-MOOC specializations for career advancement.

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38% of learners are from emerging economies.

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All CU Coursera courses are available for CU faculty, staff, and students at no cost.


For CU Boulder MOOCs, visit



CU on Coursera offers free access for all CU System and CU Boulder non-credit courses to all CU faculty, staff, and students, through your campus portal.

Simply login and enroll!


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