See what's being enhanced, updated and fixed in HCM and related systems.

Recent fixes

January 2019

Jan. 7-11


  • A recent enhancement prevents users from entering a CU Contract End Date that is earlier than the Contract Effective Date.

February 2019

Feb. 18 - 28


  • A recent enhancement removed the save button during the creation of a new POI. If users do not know the sponsor of the POI, the initiator’s position will populate once saved. 

March 2019

March 11 - 15


Template comp rate and frequency customization  

  • Hire/Transfer templates will now only allow valid comp rates and frequencies combinations based on pay group. Note: The pay group is a field that can be edited on non-contract templates. Based on the pay group, applicable comp frequencies and comp rates will become available.

Contract fix

  • Teams identified contract IDs that were not being sequenced correctly. An enhancement was put into place to fix those contracts and sequence correctly in the future.

April 2019

April 1 - 5


  • A nightly process was implemented to align 4,000 rows on Position Title and Job Data Working Title.


  • Payroll funding distribution processes that use the sum of standard hours to determine full-time or part-time status now include hours from positions in short work break and paid leave status. Previously, only active positions were included in this calculation. 

May 2019

May 13 - 17


  • When a user tries to create a new employee or POI when a National ID or Social Security Number already exists, they will receive a hard stop. Before this enhancement was migrated, users simply experienced a warning, but could still create two employees or POIs in the system.
May 20 - 24


  • CU Funding Entry page now displays the Apply to Next Fiscal Year funding box.

June 2019

June 10 - 14


  • An enhancement prevents users from manually creating new Employee ID and position numbers. This field will be greyed out, and the Employee ID and position number will update once created.

    Add a Person

    Add or Update Position Info

July 2019

July 1 - 5


  • UCCS PETs affecting funds 22 and 32 now require completion of the grants questionnaire and will go through the grants approval workflow.
  • On July 1, changes related to the UCCS pooled benefits initiative went live. For additional information, contact the UCCS Controller’s Office.
July 8 - 12


  • The Payroll Expense Transfer (PET) page will now allow deduction and tax amounts of zero. Previously, zero amounts resulted in an error and these PETs had to be sent to the Controller’s Office for entry. While zero value lines are now allowable on the PET page, these values will not feed to the distribution or GL.

October 2019

Payroll Expense Transfer

  • A new warning message was added to the PET page. It will display when the RGS distribution is different from the VAC/SCK distribution on a searched paycheck when the PET is saved.
    PET warning message

  • A disclaimer has been added to the PET Summary page that indicates PET Summaries are accurate upon completed status. Prior to completion, totals can be verified by comparing the summary tab totals to the New Check Distribution table on the earnings/taxes/deductions tabs.
    PET disclaimer

My Leave and CU Time

  • A new feature has been added to the CU Department Timesheet Review Page. When validating time, a clickable link has been added that will provide a pop up with the timesheet summary if an employee has time that has been Approved, is Ready to Load or is Posted.

    CU Department Timesheet Review

    Clicking on the link will display the timesheet summary:
    Timesheet Review

    This reduces the need to open two browser windows, decreases navigation steps and lessens time spent preparing for payroll.

November 2019


  • Funding Entry Page Warning Message Correction: A message warning users that future-dated funding rows exist was incorrectly displaying a message regarding POI sponsorship. This has been fixed.
  • PET Page Warning Message Update: A message warning users that their VAC and or SCK funding distribution did not match the RGS distribution was generating for each line of the PET. This has been changed to display only once.
  • Payroll Expense Transfers No Longer Update Account: The PET process was unnecessarily updating account to match the employee’s current position. The process was updated to maintain the account used in the original payroll transaction.

December 2019


  • A fix was implemented for an issue users were encountering where positions were not feeding to Taleo after an NPP was approved. Recruiter Assistant is equivalent to HR Consultant on the Non-Person Profile, which was not being populated on the NPP. For new positions, the Current HR Consultant field was greyed out and the only field that could be edited was New HR Consultant. The Current HR Consultant field was blank, which resulted in an unsuccessful feed to Taleo.

Past fixes and updates


January 2018

Jan. 2-5


  • A recent enhancement now allows ePARs to be used when hiring an employee or Person of Interest (POI) under the age of 18-years-old (with a minimum age of 15-years-old).

CU Time

  • Regular earnings codes occasionally mapped to an incorrect overtime code. For example, Regular Earnings Salary (RGS) mapped to Student Overtime (SOT) instead of the correct Regular Overtime (OTM) code. This issue has been resolved.


  • CU_POSN_HDR records updated incorrectly when users in correction mode made changes to a position’s effective date that had been processed through workflow. Previously, the header record updated after the effective date field was tabbed out of, even if the changes were not saved. This has been changed so now the header record will update only when the changes are saved.  
Jan. 8-12


  • Frozen positions stuck in Submitted and Denied statuses have been fixed.

My Leave

  • An Assign Proxy and Reassign Work link has been added under the CU Time Collection tile for easier navigation.
Jan. 22-26


  • The field name on the CU Personal Data I-9 tab changed from I-9 Effective Date to I-9 Completion Date.
  • A change affecting how data is pulled from Skillsoft has occurred. When loaded into HCM, the number of days data pulls in from has increased from 9 days to 30 days.

February 2018

Feb. 5-9


The Job List query (CUES_HCM_JOB_LIST – Job List) has been updated to support the HCM development project and now includes:

  • Org Relation (Organizational Relationship POI or EMP)
  • Business Unit (Campus)
  • Location Code
  • Job Indicator
  • Company

March 2018

Feb. 26 - March 2


  • A fix was migrated for an issue preventing some speedtypes from being updated in HCM from Finance.

CU Time

  • An old date in the CU timesheet review for biweekly payroll has been removed. Users should now only see the current payroll. 

April 2018

April 16 - 20


  • When users entered consecutive transactions, they saw the Save and Submit button when it should have been unavailable. This has been fixed.
  • After the recent HCM upgrade, the I-9 Completion Date label changed to I-9 Effective Date. This will revert back to the original label, I-9 Completion Date.
  • An error was received when using the Navigator to pilot to the HCM User WorkCenter to view the full list of queries. A fix has been identified for this issue.
April 23 - 27


  • Some records were orphaned in the system due to missing Business Unit and Department IDs when creating, maintaining or adding a POI relationship. A fix for this issue has been identified. 

My Leave

  • A fix has been implemented for errors that were generated when My Leave preferences were set up incorrectly. To prevent this error, employees who are new to My Leave must choose the Holiday Schedule as their first step and then complete all of their preferences before saving. A guide for this process can be found here

May 2018

May 7-11


  • A fix was migrated giving users the ability to enter multiple future dated transactions.
    Future Dated Transaction Example

    Future Dated Transaction Example

July 2018

July 2-6
  • The Apply to Next Fiscal Year checkbox for Funding Entry has been disabled to avoid any incorrect entries in FY20. It will be reactivated following next year’s funding rollover.
  • A change to the way the PET page determines account codes for a check when an employee is full time but works only part of the month was migrated. When a check calculated only a partial month’s employment, the PET used the part-time account code despite the employee being in a full-time status. Now, the full-time account code will be applied to these checks.
  • The job to clear all general fund FY18 payroll encumbrances was completed. The financial statements should no longer reflect these encumbrances for FY18 reporting. Only Fund 30/31 payroll encumbrances remain.
July 23-27

My Leave

  • A link to the My Leave: Supervisor Approval step-by-step guide has been added to emails generated for approvals in My Leave. 


  • A fix has been implemented to address an issue with Transfer templates wiping out the Original Start Date in Job Data. Teams are working on a solution to update the Original Start Date for all impacted employees.  

September 2018

Sept. 10-14
  • A fix was migrated to correct effective date errors on the Funding Entry page, which were caused by the system pulling the incorrect pay calendar.
Sept. 17-21


  • A migration was implemented to change the PET Workflow. Fund 33 has been added to the list of funds that require Grant’s approval. Boulder is currently the only campus using Fund 33, but this setting is in place for all campuses.


  • A fix has been implemented requiring users to add a Reason Code on Position. If users fail to provide this information, they will see the following message:
    Reason Code Message

October 2018

Oct. 1-5
  • To support the Oct. 22 enforcement of project end dates for payroll funding, teams have added project end date to the CU Position Funding History page and Current Check Distribution table on the Payroll Expense Transfer page. The CU Position Funding History page, accessible through the CU PETs and Funding section of the Pay Actions tile in HCM, can be used to view the speedtypes that are funding a specific position and whether they have a project end date.
  • A change was made to the Payroll Expense Transfer page to prevent accidental selection of the Apply to Future checkbox when multiple checks have been selected for PET. This fixed the issue that allowed users to select the Apply to Future checkbox on multiple checks when only the first check could be used to update funding. 
Oct. 22-26


  • Teams migrated a change to the account mapping for deductions and taxes. The mapping logic was updated, eliminating mismatches between the PT/FT status of the earnings account and the status of the account used for deductions/taxes.

My Leave

  • The Do Not Submit a Request status was removed from My Leave. Events dated Oct. 1 forward will be removed and historical events will remain in the system.

November 2018

Nov. 1-2


  • All Boulder liabilities posted to department speedtypes have been corrected. 
  • Speedtypes funded from Funds 72 and 78 will no longer be available for use in PETs and Funding Entry.
  • A warning has been added to the funding entry page, which calls out funding entry rows with an end date that will expire prior to the effective date of the funding entry. This is only a warning, not a hard stop. To prevent payroll from going to expense, users should update any funding that will expire.
Nov. 26-30


  • Users were able to click the CI Save button on ePARs causing transactions to write to system tables while bypassing the approval process. This resulted in entries that were auto-approved by users who may or may not have had approval authority. To address this issue, the CI Save button has been removed from the following ePARs: 
    • ePAR Additional Pay One-time Payment
    • ePAR Hire – Add
    • ePAR Pay Rate Change – Expert Add

December 2018

Dec. 3-7

My Leave

  • A change was made to the CU Department Timesheet Review. It now only lists active employees who use My Leave. Previously, all active employees would display, regardless of whether they used My Leave. 
Dec. 10-14


  • An issue causing errors when users tried to complete a rehire transaction using the same position previously occupied by the rehired employee has been resolved.
  • The notification templates for the New Hire and POI Hire transactions have been modified to include job information. Previously, placeholder code was displaying.