Workshop Schedule

All workshops will be held at the Anschutz Medical Campus.

Schedule is subject to change.


Location: A01, Room 2105

9:30 - 10:15 am Leadership as Art, Beth Kroger, CU-Boulder
Session Description: Leadership is presented as a way of creating an environment or community in which people can utilize their gifts, satisfy their need to belong and accomplish common goals. This session will explore the role of a leader (as an artist) in recognizing, developing and empowering the variety of gifts that people bring to the work place. The comparison between leadership and the artistic process helps to illustrate the point that the participants in the process are all leaders and are all transformed in some way by those with whom they interact. The presentation encourages those in traditional and non-traditional leadership positions to endorse a concept of persons in a thoughtful and intentional way. The presentation uses humor, life experiences and leadership theory from several referential books.

10:25 - 11:10 am Playing your Strengths for Success, Mary Kaiser, Start with Strengths
Session Description: This presentation allows attendees to name and claim their strengths to bring greater awareness and acceptance into type and way they work. We utilize the book StrengthsFinder 2.0 for an online assessment that provides attendees with their TOP 5 Strengths and descriptions. The focus is for attendees to identify where they excel and how to best leverage and build from their strengths. The presentation will review research on why and how leveraging one‟s strengths is critical for success, provide practical approaches to bringing individual strengths into the workplace and ideas/resources to build on this momentum.
Participants are asked to purchase and bring StrengthsFinder 2.0 (cost is about $11/book) for the workshop.

11:20 - 12:05 pm Leadership and Womentoring, Brenda J. Allen, CU Denver & Anschutz Medical Campus
Session Description:This session will explore mentoring strategies that can optimize women’s potential toa spire to become leaders and to succeed in leadership roles.  


Location: A01 RM 5101

10:25 - 11:10 am Gender & Age Bias in Anatomical Science Education: Implications in Student Learning & Career Advancements of Female Faculty, Lisa Lee, CU Anschutz Medical Campus

Session Description: Professional students gender and age bias in the evaluation of instructors based on a digital interaction was studied. Four, online tutorial on spinal cord anatomy were created with identical content and script, but each narrated by an individual of different gender and age. After viewing one of the four randomly assigned modules, students‟ quiz performance revealed that the same amount of learning occurred regardless of narrators' gender and age. Students' evaluation of instructors however revealed a statistically significant negative bias against older female instructor and prejudice in favor of young male instructor. Implications of the findings will be discussed.

11:20 - 12:05 pm Academic Female Leadership, Sylk Sotto, CU Anschutz Medical Campus
Session Description: The focus of this presentation is on the advancement of female faculty and administrators to senior academic leadership position. As of 2006, women enrolled in higher education institutions appear to be as much as 57% of all college students. However, women hold only about 45% of tenured track positions, 31% of tenure positions, and 23% of college presidencies. In addition, many women working within institutions of higher education remain in middle-management roles, rather than senior-administrative positions. This presentation explores some of the results of research in this field and will discuss lessons and recommendations in navigating female academic leadership.


Location: A01 RM 6101

9:30 - 10:15 am The Power of the Personal Story, Meredith Lopez, Marlinda Hines & Rebecca Schell, CU Denver
Session Description: Everyone's story is valuable and in sharing this can create connections to empower people to move forward in their own professional development. We will explore individuals‟ experiences working here on the CU campuses as a woman. Discussion groups will be focused around strategies of how we can support each other as women in the work place. Presentation will include highly interactive small group work with discussion and writing activities. Take aways will be how to develop and tell your own story and write your next chapter in your professional career.

10:25 - 11:10 am Women Aren't Funny?, Lauren Cross & Kailyn Bennett, CU-Boulder
Session Description: This session is intended to empower women by looking through the lens of comedy and public speaking. You don't have to be funny to attend, but have an open mind and willingness to get involved. This workshop will focus on the ability to command a room and captivate an audience to achieve the listening and attention you deserve. This will be an interactive workshop that will get every member involved in discussion and activities.

11:20 - 12:05 pm Simple Techniques for Effective Inner Listening, Mimi Goodwin, Colorado Children's Hospital
Session Description: Life can be stressful! Imagine having tools at your fingertips for choosing how to respond in any situation, particularly stressful ones. How often do you respond by reacting to something and later wishing you had remained level-headed? Do events sometimes make you so upset or angry that you cannot focus on what is possible in any given moment? In this course, we will explore ways of listening to the wisdom that each one of us has within and learn ways to choose our responses to any given event.


Location: A01 RM 4101

9:30 - 10:15 am Self-Compassion-Based vs. Comparison-Based Well Being, Barbara Lawton, CU Boulder
Session Description: Self-esteem has been long seen as the ultimate marker of well-being. The problem, however, is created by how we get it. In the U.S., one has to be special and above average, leading to constant social comparison and a sense of self-worth dependent upon peer approval and success. Recent work shows self-compassion to offer the same well-being benefits as self-esteem, but without the pitfalls. We‟ll explore the three legs of self-compassion, namely self-kindness, common humanity and mindfulness, through numerous in-session exercises.

10:25 - 11:10 am Women, Stress & Sleep: How to get the Sleep You Need to Succeed, Susan Dorsey, CU-Boulder
Session Description: We all know we need a certain amount of good sleep each night to perform at our best, especially during periods of high-stress, but studies show that women are often not getting enough sleep to be fully charged for the coming day. Lack of sleep increases stress levels, which can lead to a vicious cycle of stress, insomnia and even depression that eventually drains your power. Come hear about the common sleep issues for women and discover solutions to help you get the sleep you need to stay healthy, happy and energized.

11:20 - 12:05 pm The Mentor-Mentee Relationship: Pitfalls & Promise, Judith Regensteiner, CU Anschutz Medical Campus
Session Description: Effective mentorship plays a vital role in professional growth and development, as well as academic success. Women particularly often have trouble finding good mentors. Through a mentoring relationship, mentors can provide emotional support, assist mentees with career choices, facilitate learners' project and research interests, and nurture academic progress. This interactive workshop will provide mentors and mentees with specific skills and strategies to improve the mentoring relationship, enhance mentor satisfaction and increase mentee academic success.

Empowerment 1


Location: RC2 8105

 9:30 am - 10:15 am Why Every Good Teacher is also a Great Sales Person, Gail Krovitz, CU Denver & Jay Lynch, CU Boulder
Session Description: Did you know that as member of the educational field you‟re engaged in non-sales selling every day? Whether in the classroom, presenting at conferences or in professional interactions, you are constantly "selling" your ideas and motivating others in some course of action. By connecting ideas in the science of learning and educational psychology, this workshop will empower faculty and staff with persuasive skills that can be used in all aspects of their academic lives. Vivid case studies and engaging group activities will encourage educators to apply and experiment with these persuasive skills in authentic situations.

10:25 am - 11:10 am The KEY for a Woman's Success at Work, Laura Borgelt, CU Anschutz Medical Campus
Session Description: When you hear the word "beautiful", do you think of a woman or a man? Beauty is one thing that can empower all women, yet many women are not sure how to express their beauty in the workplace or how to use it as a tool for success at work. This particular KEY to success will be different for every woman and needs to be discovered for women to reach their full potential. Do you know your own beauty secret? Let‟s find out what it is and how you can use it to empower yourself and be more successful. 

11:20 am - 12:05 pm Charting Your Course: A Financial Guide for Women, Teresa Cobucci, TIAA CREF
​Session Description: This interactive workshop helps understand the specific saving and investing challenges unique to women. Attendees evaluate their financial health by reviewing cash flow and net worth. We then introduce a working session called The Financial Game of Life, which uses real-life scenarios that illustrate how to set financial goals. The workshop covers different types of investment risk, market volatility and approaches to asset allocation. Then, we put it all together to create a financial plan. Attendees leave the workshop with a better understanding of their financial situation and action items designed to address their individual needs.

Empowerment 2

Location: A01 RM 4105

9:30 am - 10:15 am Recognition Strategies for Empowerment & Excellence, Normandy Roden, CU System
Session Description: Recognition is the act of acknowledging something or someone. In its most essential use, this means acknowledging presence and familiarity: I see you; I believe I have seen you before. In the workplace, it means specifically acknowledging a contribution: I see you; I see what you have accomplished. When we consciously focus on "seeing" others, we empower ourselves, our staff, our peers, and our managers to seek out excellence in every aspect of life. This session explores the importance of recognition as a human need (personally and professionally) and identifies practical ways to incorporate recognition into the workplace

10:25 am - 11:10 am Creating Effective Communications, Jennifer Gray & Nonie Wainwright, CU Boulder
Session Description: Communicating. It is content, context, workflow and strategy. Regardless of your position, you communicate professionally at the University of Colorado. We will give you some reasons and resources to evaluate & improve content and communications. Our goal is to empower you with knowledge and tools to develop a core competency we all share (and we can all do better on): communication! More specifically, we will address: 1. Communication Strategy: Without it, We are Bear Without Fish 2. KISS Communications; Using Plain English 3. Communication Process With or Without a Communications Professional.

11:20 am - 12:05 pm Keys to Personal Empowerment: Connecting with One's Internal Core of Excellence, Susan Chandler & Merlyn Holmes, CU Boulder alumna
Session Description: Personal empowerment means bringing to bear the best of our own resources – our talents, skills, and experience; our ability to adapt and problem solve; our ability to respond with excellence under pressure; and our ability to constructively engage others in communication. Participants will learn practical tools for maintaining/regaining personal equilibrium under pressure, and explore the foundations of personal empowerment in performance and communication. The interactive workshop draws on insights and training techniques from Ki-Aikido, a martial art that teaches empowerment from within.