The University of Colorado has partnered with Landed to provide a payment assistance option to help university employees buy homes in the communities where they work.

Landed's down payment program invests alongside CU employees to help them reach a 20% down payment. Borrowers contribute at least a 5% down payment, and Landed provides bridge funding to get to a 20% down payment. This allows the borrower avoid costly mortgage insurance and potentially qualify for a better interest rate on a new home. Landed will provide up to $120,000 per family, in exchange for a portion of the equity gained (or lost, if any) in the home from the time the home is bought to when it is sold. Rather than a loan, this is considered a shared investment between Landed and the homebuyer for a maximum term of 30 years.

Temporary Changes as of September 2022

In light of recent economic changes and increasing housing market rates, Landed has issued some short-term updates to their down payment assistance program:

1. Landed has implemented a waitlist for the down payment program across all metro areas. Regardless of waitlist status, you can still sign up to learn about other Landed programs to kickstart your homebuying journey and be the first to know when co-investment opens to new customers.

2. For every 1% contributed, Landed's equity share will increase from 2.5% to 3.3%. Prospective homebuyers who have an unexpired Landed Welcome Letter will not be impacted, and Landed will honor their 2.5% rate.

Please reach out to with any questions.

Who can use this program?

  • Full-time staff and faculty (20+ hours per week)
  • Employees who have worked in education (K-12 or higher ed) for at least two years
  • Employees who live in Boulder, Aurora, Denver and most other metro areas

Colorado banks that work with Landed

  • FirstBank
  • MidFirst Bank
  • Bank of the West

Other resources

  • Homebuyer education materials
  • A network of vetted real estate agents

Qualified counties 

Landed funding can be used to purchase a primary residence in the urban or near urban parts of the following counties:

  • Adams
  • Arapahoe
  • Boulder
  • Broomfield
  • Clear Creek
  • Denver
  • Douglas
  • El Paso
  • Elbert
  • Gilpin
  • Jefferson
  • Park

The third-party program offered through Landed does not replace the current Faculty Housing Assistance Program offered to tenured and tenure track faculty.