University Staff Supervisors' Toolkit

Roles and responsibilities of university staff (formerly exempt professionals)

University staff members hold positions that are exempted from the state personnel system, pursuant to state law. These employees are not officers or faculty members, as defined in Regent Law, Article 3.A.3.

University staffers provide leadership, management, program development and implementation, and support services for the university's administrators, faculty, staff, students and visitors. Under state law, university staff members are "at-will" employees unless they are awarded a term contract, as permitted by state law and authorized by the Board of Regents.

These employees previously have been referred to as exempt professionals or unclassified employees.

Exempt or Non-Exempt

Human resources staffers determine whether a university staff position will be exempt or non-exempt when they review and approve each position for exemption from the state personnel system. Most university staff positions are exempt from overtime; however, this determination is made on a position-by-position basis and depends upon the work assigned to the position, not the job title. The final overtime designation decision is documented on the official decision notice, which is returned to the requesting department.

For positions designated as exempt under the Fair Labor Standards Act (i.e., are not eligible for overtime compensation), employees are paid for performing a job regardless of the number of hours worked. Therefore, these employees do not receive additional compensation for working more than 40 hours in a work week.

If you are unsure of your employee's classification as exempt or non-exempt, please contact your campus human resources office.

*For more information, please see the Officer and University Staff Resource Guide 

Performance Management

Performance management is extremely important in managing a successful workforce, and an employee's performance evaluation and rating is the basis for merit-based salary increases.

Merit-based salary increases are managed by each division officer. University staff members must be evaluated annually, per Regent Policy 11-C and APS Performance Ratings for Officer and University Staff (formerly Exempt Professionals).

 CU System Administration requires evaluations to be completed by June 1 for the time period of May 1 through April 30, on an annual basis.  The university staff rating forms (under section six, Related Information and Links) are due to the HR office (035 UCA). Human Resources will not collect the plan or any narrative evaluation regarding the rating.

 To assist supervisors and university staff in planning and setting goals for the next review period, the Plan and Evaluation Form is available.  This form, or any other planning/goal setting document, does not need to be submitted to HR, it is for departmental use only.

See our Performance Management forms.

Payroll for University Staff Employees

Twelve-month faculty* and university staff employees are paid monthly on the last working day of the month, except for the June payroll, which is paid on the first working day of July. They may be appointed on a fiscal year (July through June) or on a contract basis.

*Non-academic-year faculty appointed and paid over 12 months.

You are required to submit monthly leave records (Leave Record Form) showing exception time, including all leave usage, but are not required to report specific hours worked (i.e. time in and out). Both the employee and their supervisor must sign the leave record verifying the accuracy of leave usage and balances.

Leave Policies for University Staff and 12-Month Faculty

Regent Policy 11E: Leave Policies for Officers, University Staff (formerly Exempt Professionals) and Faculty

  • Leave policies for officers, university staff and faculty on 12-month appointments

My Leave - Approval - Setting a Designate

Sample Employee Leave Record

  • For officers, university staff and faculty on 12-month appointments

Payroll Production Calendars

Payroll production calendars are subject to change at any time. Please check this page often for updates.

Payroll production calendars provide the following information:

  • time collection approval deadlines
  • deadlines to submit W-4, Direct Deposit, and Retroactive Pay forms to Employee Services
  • campus deadlines for payroll paperwork and Human Resources Management System (HRMS) entry
  • HR Production deadlines for approval of job, position, and funding updates
  • Employee Services deadlines for departments to request check stops and direct deposit reversals (bank pulls)
  • “gray days,” when the HRMS production database is unavailable due to payroll processing
  • biweekly and monthly payroll periods dates and the associated pay run IDs
  • availability of payroll registers
  • scheduled campus holidays

HR Production is available during biweekly payroll processing. All posted entry and approval deadlines must be met to update data that will be processed during a specific pay period. Please contact the Employee Services help desk at 303-860-4200 if you have questions.

System Administration Payroll Production Calendars



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Office of Policy and Efficiency

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My Leave - Approval - Setting a Designate

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