The University of Colorado and its campuses are exposed to risks of loss from:

  • disappearance, damage and destruction of its own property, and the property of others;
  • injuries to employees and others;
  • dishonesty; and
  • unforeseen liabilities imposed by law or assumed by contract.

University Risk Management (URM) practices affirmative control and minimizes risk to the greatest extent practicable. It protects against unpredictable loss through reasonable use of liability transference, including the use of available insurance above acceptable self-retentions. 

It is important to have a centralized, proactive risk management/safety-and-loss-prevention program across all campuses, implemented by making all levels of personnel at CU awareness of the program. The Board of Regents has, as a result, established a risk management policy.

For more information about risk management policies, procedures and information (i.e.,  property, auto usage, liability, workers' compensation, etc.), visit the University Risk Management website.