Classified Staff Supervisors' Toolkit



As a state classified employee, you are a part of the Colorado Personnel System and subject to both State of Colorado and CU employment guidelines, rules, regulations, and policies. Following are topics of specific interest to state classified employees:


Compensation Policies Total compensation policies and adjustments are determined by the Colorado Department of Personnel & Administration, Division of Human Resources. Contact your supervisor, department head, or campus Human Resources Office for questions related to salary and your Letter of Offer.
Overtime Eligibility - Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) The university and the atate follow Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) regulations. Your position may be exempt from (not eligible for) or non-exempt from (eligible for) overtime under FLSA.
The Colorado Department of Personnel & Administration, Division of Human Resources has FLSA information on their website for state classified employees.
Reporting Time and Attendance All state classified employees on a regular appointment are required to complete an employee work record (EWR) showing time worked and leave usage, and to submit monthly leave records, per the Division of Human Resources publication titled Technical Assistance – Time Off. The State Employee Handbook is another available resource.
Approval of Time and Attendance Both the employee and his/her supervisor must sign the employee work record, thereby verifying the accuracy of the reported leave usage and balances.
Forms for Reporting Time and Attendance Check with your department for the correct form to use to complete your employee work record. If an employee work record is not available from your department, you may use the Sample Employee Work Record forms available in the Forms - Work Records and Leave Reporting section of this website.

These resources may be of assistance:

Performance Management