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We connect CU employee groups with financial speakers and presentations  – all you have to do is ask 

Our Seminars by Request program empowers CU employees with high-quality personal financial education.

Working with the university's retirement plan service provider and our regional credit union partners, we organize financial education seminars right at your department or campus, on a topic of your choice.

Because of its convenience and flexibility, Seminars by Request has become one of our most popular programs. In fact, more than 2,000 employees have attended a seminar since we launched the program in 2014.

Most seminars are designed for groups of 20-30—perfect for staff councils, academic departments and affinity groups. (Some seminars can be done with even larger groups, while others may require a minimum number of participants.) Departments typically schedule financial seminars during lunchtime or department meetings, though we’re happy to work outside normal work hours if that's easiest for your group.

Groups also get to choose the seminar topic. This can be anything related to personal finance from CU's 401(a) Retirement Plan to estate planning. With enough advance notice, we can even develop a custom presentation—just ask!

To learn how to request a seminar, click on the tabs above.

Employee groups can choose from a wide range of topics—basically anything related to personal finance.

Popular topics include understanding the 401(a) Retirement Plan, PERA Fundamentals, investing basics, credit and debt, women and money, estate planning, and budgeting. With advanced notice, custom presentations may be developed as well.

For all employees

Everyone could use a refresher on common financial issues. Here are a few ideas to get you thinking:

budgeting, car buyer education, credit scores and reports, debt management, estate planning, home-buyer education, identity theft, investing basics, LGBT financial planning, retirement planning, saving for college, taxes, women and money

Additionally, PERA has a workshop on the 401(k) and 457 voluntary retirement savings plans, which are available to all CU employees, not solely PERA participants.

We're happy to develop a custom seminar for your group if you have a specific issue in mind.

For 401(a) Retirement Plan participants

Understanding CU's 401(a) Retirement Plan

Learn the basics of the CU 401(a) retirement plan and how a 403(b) voluntary plan can save you even more. Topics covered include available investment options, the variety of CU-offered retirement accounts, contribution limits and risk tolerance.  

For PERA participants

There are several seminars specifically for participants of the Public Employees Retirement Association (PERA). If your department has eight or more employee members of PERA, you can request a PERA seminar or visit to a department meeting.

PERA Fundamentals

Learn how the monthly lifetime benefit is calculated, annual increases on the benefit, choices upon terminating PERA-covered employment, built-in survivor and disability benefits, access to 401(k) and 457 voluntary tax-deferred savings plans, availability of post-retirement health insurance plans and much more.

PERA: Purchasing Service Credit

Review requirements and other information to help you decide whether to purchase service credit.

PERA Retirement Process

Review the retirement application process for the PERA Defined Benefit Plan, and learn about required PERA retirement forms and post-retirement issues.


Learn about the PERACare Health Benefits Program, including eligibility, pre-Medicare and Medicare plan choices, prescription benefits and other topics.

Date and Time

What makes the most sense for your employee group? Is it easier for them to meet before, during or after the work day? Would a lunch-hour brown bag session be a good fit? What about bringing in a speaker during your next departmental meeting? With at least four weeks' notice, most dates and times can work.

Topic and Speaker

The topic you choose should reflect the interests of your department or group. You can walk through the office and do an informal poll, or send out a brief email asking for suggestions. We can also suggest popular topics. Please refer to the "Topics" tab above for detailed information on available topics.

Once you know what your group is interested in hearing about, we will take care of finding an appropriate presenter and coordinating schedules.

Location for the Seminar

The final piece of the logistics puzzle is finding a room large enough to accommodate the anticipated audience. If you have access to a room with a projector and adequate seating, great! If you could use some assistance, we can help with booking a room on any of the CU campuses.

Advertising and Registration

We will send you a marketing flier that you can use for advertising. On the flier, your department or group will be credited with hosting the seminar, and your name will be listed as the contact person. You can view a sample flier here.

We use a webform to handle registration. We will send you a signup link for distribution to your prospective audience. The same link is embedded in the flier. The webform asks for participants' names and email addresses, and it provides space to write questions for the speaker or to indicate what participants wish to learn. This information is passed on anonymously to the presenter so he/she can be better prepared to address your group. We also send an email reminder the week of the workshop.

Day-of Logistics

The day of the presentation you (or your delegate) should plan to arrive at the room 20 minutes early to ensure that set up goes smoothly for the speaker.

Someone from our team tries to attend every event to introduce the speaker. If we are unable to attend, we'll ask you to introduce the speaker.


A couple of days after the presentation, we will debrief with you to see how things went from your perspective. We will also send an email to your group with a link to an anonymous online feedback form. A few weeks later, this information will be shared with you. We also share this information with the presenter. We use this feedback to guide selection of future workshops and to adjust the content of our presentations to better meet the needs of CU employees.

Download our handy Seminars by Request checklist to guide you through the process.

When you are ready, submit your seminar request online. Use this form if you'd like to request a PERA workshop.

The Financial Wellness team will contact you within three business days of receiving your request to discuss your group’s programming needs.

If you have other questions, please email

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