In recognition of the challenges employees met during the past year’s pandemic and the compensation cycle shift approved by the Board of Regents on April 8, 2021, system administration is providing, for this fiscal year only, a one-time, non-base building payment to eligible university staff employees. 

As approved by the Colorado legislature, classified staff employees will receive a 3% across-the-board base-building merit increase effective July 1, 2021, instead of the one-time, non-base building payment. 

One-time payment details

Which position types are eligible to receive this payment?

University staff employees (not including temporary) with an active appointment as of Jan. 31, 2021 are eligible. 

The following system administration employees are NOT eligible:

  • Temporary employees
  • Students employees
  • Working retirees
  • Classified staff

What does “non-base building” mean?

  • “Non-base building” means the pay increase is temporary or one-time and does not add to the employee’s continuing regular salary rate.
  • An increase that raises an employee’s continuing/ongoing salary is considered a “base-pay” increase.
  • A non-base building pay increase has an end date. In this case, it is a one-time payment.  

Is this one-time payment just for employees who were impacted by the temporary campus-wide pay reductions/furloughs for FY20-21?

No, the one-time payment is not limited to only those employees impacted by furloughs.

How is this one-time payment calculated?

The one-time payment is based on the employee’s regular salary rate as of June 30, after the furlough has ended. The one-time 2% payment is intended to compensate for the six-month gap between the previous July 1 merit date and the new Jan. 1 merit date. This results in an overall payment for the employee equivalent to 1% of their annual salary.

When will I receive the one-time, non-base building increase?

The one-time, non-base building payment to eligible university staff employees will be included on the July 30 paycheck. 

Compensation Cycle Shift

Why did the Board of Regents approve a change in the merit salary pool cycle from fiscal year to calendar year?

This change will allow decisions on merit pool increases to be made once fall census has occurred, and the University of Colorado has a more accurate picture of its revenue outlook for the year.

Which employee populations are included in the fiscal year to calendar year compensation cycle date shift?

  • The compensation cycle date shift impacts university staff.
  • The compensation cycle date for classified staff will remain July 1.

Will there be base-building merit increases effective Jan. 1, 2022?

  • This has not yet been determined. The merit pool increase decision will be made in early October, once fall census has occurred and the university has a better picture of its revenue outlook for the year.