Short Work Break - Enter

Use this guide for placing an employee on Short Work Break (SWB).

The department is responsible for placing an employee's job record on SWB. The Human Resources Management System (HRMS) terminates all job records that have expired appointment end dates and no action by the department to keep the job record active, WITH THESE EXCEPTIONS:

  • Hourly Employees All hourly employees (for example, students and temporary classified staff)These employees will remain in the system for 120 days after the appointment end date to allow departments time between spring and fall semesters to re-appoint their student employees without entering a rehire row.
  • Contract-Pay Employees in 1100-1105 job code series These employees will not be terminated if the contract type is academic (9-pay-9 or 9-pay-12), fall or spring. For all other contract pay employees, the effective date of the termination will be one day after the payment end date on the contract-pay page.

For more information, see the Auto-Termination-Process.

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