This guide provides links to relevant laws and policies of the CU Regents, administrative policy statements, and other guidelines that apply to or may be of interest to officers and university staff (formerly exempt professionals). The content in this guide supersedes the previous online handbook and paper version of the "Unclassified Handbook," dated 1985.

Disclaimer: The information in the Officers and University Staff Handbook is provided for the convenience of members of the University of Colorado community. Although these policies and statements cover a wide variety of subjects, there are other important policies and procedures that should be consulted as the need arises. This resource guide cannot and is not intended to address all circumstances related to officers and university staff, nor is this information intended to constitute an express or implied contract of employment with the University of Colorado.

Policies and procedures are regularly in the process of review and revision. The University of Colorado expressly reserves the right to amend its policies and procedures on occasion as it determines changes to be in the best interest of the university. Such amendments, as well as any new policies deemed to be in the university's best interest, will be effective as of the date of their enactment unless the action itself specifies a different effective date.

The University


  1. Appointment Authority
  2. Search Procedures
  3. Conditions of Appointment
  4. Appointment Procedures
  5. Interim Appointments
  6. Related Faculty Appointment Policies
  7. End of Employment


University Employment

  1. Conflict of Interest and Nepotism
  2. Diversity
  3. Employment Assistance for Dual Career Couples
  4. Non-Discrimination
  5. Sexual Harassment
  6. Amorous Relationships Involving Evaluative Authority


  1. General Policy
  2. Administrative Leave
  3. Court and Jury Leave
  4. Educational Leave
  5. Family and Medical Leave
    • Consistent with the provisions of the Family and Medical Leave Act of 1993 (FMLA), CU provides eligible individuals with family and medical leave for certain family and medical reasons. For further information contact the campus department of human resources.
  6. Funeral Leave
  7. Holidays
  8. Leave for Job-Related Illness and Injuries
  9. Leave without Pay
  10. Military Leave
  11. Parental Leave
  12. Sick Leave
  13. Vacation Leave
  14. Verification of and Recording Leave
  15. Victim Protection Leave


  1. Guidelines
  2. Salary Plan for Officers and University Staff
  3. Exemptions from the Federal Fair Labor Standards (FLSA)
  4. Compensation Upon Returning to Faculty Positions
  5. Payroll Procedures
  6. Retirement, Insurance and Other Benefits

Professional Rights and Responsibilities

  1. Conflict of Interest and Conflict of Commitment
  2. Defense and Indemnification of University of Colorado Employees
  3. Electronic Mail
  4. Intellectual Property, Discovery and Patents
  5. Membership on Boards of External Corporations
  6. Personnel Files
  7. Political Participation by Members of the University Community
  8. Professional Conduct


  1. Fiscal Authority and Responsibility
  2. Fiscal Misconduct
  3. Expense Allowances and Business Expenses
  4. Moving Expenses

University Property, Facilities and Work Environment

  1. Commercial Seal
  2. Employee Responsibility for University Property
  3. Smoke-Free Environment
    • "RESOLVED that the Board of Regents requests that the chancellors proceed without delay to put in place such rules as will accomplish the sense of existing laws and orders; to wit, that every public place in the University is to be a non-smoking area in which smoking is to be permitted only in those well-defined areas identified as such by conspicuous marking. In accomplishing this purpose, the chancellors will remind building and office managers that students, faculty and staff are entitled to smoke-free environments." Source: Regent Action 4/17/86
  4. Use of University Facilities
  5. Use of University's Name in Advertising
  6. Weapons Control