Financial Transitions from Graduate School

Select any of the images below to view videos on topics relevant to graduate students who are preparing to transition into their first faculty positions.

Katie Sauer, director of the financial education program at the University of Colorado
Basic factors to consider about your salary
Basic Factors that Influence your Salary
Internal factors to consider about your salary
Internal Factors that Influence Your Salary



Important negotiations as a new faculty member
Other Areas to Negotiate
Learn about your insurance benefits.
Your Benefits Package: Insurance
Understanding your retirement benefits
Your Benefits Package: Retirement



Understanding net pay
Your Net Paycheck
The role cost of living plays in choosing a faculty position
Cost-of-Living Comparison
Bridging the gap from the end of your graduate teaching job to full-time faculty work
Making the Transition: The Gap



Considering the cost of faculty regalia
Making the Transition: Regalia for Faculty
Paying off student loans as a faculty member
Making the Transition: Student Loans


This series of short videos was recorded at the Graduate Teacher Program’s 2014 Spring Conference session “Making the Financial Transition from Graduate Student to Faculty Member.” The videos were made possible by a grant from the Council of Graduate Schools.

About the presenter:

Katherine M. Sauer earned her doctorate in economics from CU Boulder in 2006, and has held faculty positions in Indiana and Denver. She is the former financial education program director within CU's Employee Services.