What Doesn't Stop Employee Pay?

Position Data Information

  • Changes to existing positions (e.g., change in job code)
  • Proposed Position Data
  • Funding expiration

Job Data

Appointment end date, unless it is accompanied by an action that terminates the employee or puts the employee on a short work break (See the Automatic Termination Process.)  Unapproved transactions to an employee's job data:

  • Actions intended to stop pay—For example, if a leave without pay action is entered to the job data but is not approved by the payroll approval cutoff, the employee will continue to be paid until it is approved. Or if a termination is entered for a monthly employee that is unapproved, the employee will continue to be paid until it is approved.
  • An employee who has an approved row of job data with pay attached to it and who has a new row of data entered that is in a proposed status will still be paid based on the approved row.

Monitoring Your Reports

There are several reports that are helpful in monitoring your payroll activity. These reports, in the Reports and Reviews menu, are:

  • Personnel Roster Report: This report tells you all the employees in your department, their current status, e.g., active, on Leave or SWB, current salary and their appointment end date.
  • Employee Compensation Report: This report provides you with all salary information for a specified period of time for either a specific employee or department.
  • Employee Job Data - Funding Distribution Report: This report provides you with all the information as the Personnel Roster, but in addition provides you with funding distribution information.
  • End of Appointment Report:  This report can be used to monitor appointment end dates so that eligible employees are reappointed in a timely manner.
  • Personnel Actions History Report:  This report is used to determine who is on short work break.
  • Job Status Report:  This report can be used to determine which of your job data transactions are still in a proposed status when it gets close to payroll cutoff.
  • Payroll Register Reports:  These reports are available after each payroll is run and will tell you who got paid, how much and from what FOPPS.
  • Contract Pay Report: Shows applicable employees history, current and future-dated contracts.

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