The HR Approvals Committee, consisting of the VP of Administration, VP of Budget and Finance & CFO and the Senior VP & Chief of Staff, will review all new recruitments to determine the most critical positions to move forward with recruitment and hiring. This will ensure continued department fiscal responsibility and a smooth new employee onboarding experience.

To determine the critical nature of a position, the following questions will be asked of all recruitments:

  1. If this position moves forward while staff is working remotely, can the new employee complete onboarding and essential job duties effectively?
  2. Please provide a justification as to why this position must be filled at this time.
  3. What will be the impacts to the organization if we do not move forward with this recruitment now?

New Recruitments

Any new position description sent to System Human Resources for recruitment will follow the process outlined below:

  1. HR emails hiring manager and department head with questions outlined above.
  2. Hiring manager provides response to HR.
  3. HR provides worksheet of responses to CHRO once received.
  4. CHRO brings new items with recommendation to HR Approvals Committee.
  5. Approvals Committee approves or denies recruitment request.