The employee portal's CU Resources area will upgrade the weekend of July 21.

Why are we upgrading the portal?

New CU Resources portal features will set a foundation to make the portal more interconnected for CU faculty, staff, and students. It’s all in service of building a portal that will take where you want to go—faster.

This summer’s changes will add new tools and features to increase the interconnectivity and personalization of CU’s portals. This includes a new search that works throughout the portal, as well as new menu options and tiles that all make the portal easier and more efficient. A more tablet and mobile friendly design will make certain tasks easier—including approving timesheets, leave and certain business transactions on the go via your phone. Drag and drop tiles along with options to personalize your homepage make it easier to access the tools you want. 

Changes will only affect the portal's CU Resources area. There will be no changes to faculty or student portals.

Ready to see a preview?

The new portal will be available the evening of July 21. Watch a video or see a preview of the changes below:

What's Changing in the CU Resources Portal from Employee Services on Vimeo.

#1: Portal Homepage

Ready to get started? Click on the red plus signs around the images below to learn more about the new portal.

#2: Changes to menu icons

As seen above, there are changes to the menu icons.

 The home icon will be staying the same and will take you back to the portal home screen from any page within the portal.

The new search functionality will expand into a search bar (below) to look for items inside the portal. 

Portal search bar The search bar will appear after you have selected the above search icon. 

 The new bell icon is used for alerts, like enrolling in benefits, anniversaries, birthdays, updating address, etc.

 The Action List icon has updated to a three-dot structure to adopt industry standards and will have new Personalize Homepage, help options and Sign Out, along with menu items to take you to your campus portal.

The NavBar has the same functionality it previously did but is now a menu icon instead of the previous compass icon.

#3: Drop down menu

drop down menu

A drop-down menu at the top of the page will allow you to access all the current CU Resources items. 

#4 Approvals for Supervisors

Supervisors will now have an Approval tile show up on their portal homepage. The approval tile will be used for approving vacation, leave, HCM approvals and other business transactions. 

This replaces the red alert bar supervisors are used to seeing when they have an approval.

#5 Personalization (beta feature)

The portal homepage tiles are drag and drop. You can move the tiles in the order you prefer or use the tiles.

We've also introduced a beta feature that allows you to add or subtract from the tiles to personalize your homepage.

The default tiles include Paychecks, My Leave, Benefits and Wellness, and everything currently included in the portal quick links. No tiles can be permanently removed. Note: Most menu items are available to be personalized. Benefits and Wellness, Forms, and Compliance and Policy will be added shortly after go-live. 

To add new tiles and personalize your homepage, select the Action List and click Personalize Homepage

The screen shown below will allow you to add or drop tiles.

To remove a tile

  1. Click the red X in the upper right corner of the tile to remove it.
  2. Press the green Save button found in the upper right corner of the screen. When you return to your homepage, the tile will be removed.

To add a tile

  1. Select the Add Tile button at the top right corner.
  2. When the Add Tile menu appears, select a tile from the menu or by using the search field.
  3. Press the green Save button found in the upper right corner of the screen. When you return to your homepage, the tile will be added.

A to-be-released video will walk you through how to make these changes.

Want to go back?

You can easily reset your personalized homepage and return to default settings. Simply select Help/Support and Reset Personalized Dashboard, seen below. 

From there, follow the instructions to reset your tiles. This will restore any removed tiles.

Need access to update department instructions?

Does your department provide facutly, staff or student directions to access items within CU Resources? If so, we can provide you with access to a test environment that will allow you to get familiar with the new portal, capture screenshots and find needed materials to update your directions.

  Email to request access.