Follow these steps when you plan to come to CU System Administration office at 1800 Grant.

If you are in a high-risk population, you should not visit the office. 

Daily health questionnaire

  • If you have been vaccinated, you no longer need to complete the daily health questionnaire.
  • If you are not vaccinated, you must complete the questionnaire each time you come to the office. Please follow the instructions below. 

Each day you enter the CU System Administration office, complete an online health assessment  CU System employees or for CU System guests.

After completing the assessment, you will be sent a confirmation email. Show the email to the security guard in the lobby (if applicable). CU System Human Resources will monitor the assessment results to ensure the safety of our employees.

QR code for CU System

QR code for CU System employees

QR code for CU System

QR code for CU System guests


Stay safe when you're in the office by following social distancing protocols outlined on CU’s COVID-19 page.

Request approval to work in the office

Step 1: Complete the on-site request form

To be cleared for work in the office, your supervisor must fill out and submit an onsite work request form for approval by CU System HR.

Step 2: Complete the daily health questionnaire

If you are unvaccinated, each day you enter 1800 Grant St. for a one-time appointment or approved tasks, complete the online health assessment for CU System employees.