This information is for System Administration employees only.

CU System Administration is implementing a furlough plan as a result of budgetary considerations resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic. Content may be updated and added daily as implementation guidelines are determined.

Furlough pay calculator


What is the duration of the furlough?

July 1, 2020- June 30, 2021

Which employees are being furloughed?

University staff employees only:

  • University staff employees making above $60,000 per year base salary will receive a 4.6% pay reduction that equates to 1 furlough day per month equaling 12 days in the fiscal year. This includes new hires starting after July 1.
  • Officers will receive a 10% pay reduction that equates to about 2 furlough days per month equaling 26 days in the fiscal year.

This furlough does not affect:

  • University staff who earn $60,000 per year or less
  • Temporary staff
  • Working retirees
  • Students
  • H-1B visa positions
  • Classified staff

Do I have to take a certain number of furlough days per month or can I take them in blocks (for example, 5 consecutive days)?

You do not need to take one per month. You and your supervisor can decide which furlough days you take during the furlough period (July 1, 2020 – June 30, 2021).

You may take the days in a block (ex. 5 days in a row) or spread out over the pay reduction period. It is the responsibility of you and your supervisor to track use of allotted time during this period.

System Administration is implementing the following six standard furlough days:

  • the day before Thanksgiving (Nov. 25)
  • the days between Christmas and New Year's Eve (Dec. 28-30)
  • President's Day (Feb. 15), and
  • a Spring Break day (March 26).

Please manually enter all furlough days into your MyLeave calendar using the code "Furlough Leave".

If your job duties prevent you from taking those days off based on business necessity, you may arrange to take other day(s) that are mutually agreed upon by yourself and your supervisor. More information regarding how the furlough days will be administered will be provided in the coming weeks.

Can I choose which paycheck my salary is reduced following a furlough day?

No, employees will see the same reduction on their paycheck during each pay period beginning in July 2020. Employees will need to discuss their day(s) taken each month with their supervisor and track it in My Leave. 

How do I enter my furlough leave in My Leave?

Please use the “Furlough Leave”  code when coding all your furlough days including the predetermined days. Your pay will be reduced whether or not you code a furlough day. 

Can I use earned leave instead of taking a furlough day?

No, accrued leave may not be used on or to substitute for a furlough day.

Will taking a furlough day affect my leave accural?

No, employees will continue to accrue leave at their respective rates. Furlough hours count toward the total leave accrual in any pay period.

How will the furlough days apply to part-time employees?

The furlough day will be prorated based on the percentage of time the part-time employee is scheduled to work, just like other types of leave.

For example, if an employee typically works 50% time in a week then the employee’s furlough would be based upon the 20 hours worked of their normal schedule. If the employee has one furlough day per month, they would take four hours.

Does taking furlough affect my health benefits?

No, an employee on unpaid leave, including furlough is eligible to continue health, dental and life benefits. However, if you do not make enough in that month to cover your contribution to benefits, you will receive a bill in the mail.

Will the plan affect an employee's retirement contribution?

Yes, the employee and employer retirement contributions are based on salary paid. A reduction in salary, as a result of the furlough, will reduce the base amount used to calculate the retirement plan contribution amounts. For PERA, an employee must earn $580 in a month to have that month counted towards service credit.  If a furlough lowers the amount of earnings lower than $580, that month will not be counted as PERA service credit.

Are new hires subject to the furlough?


Can a furloughed employee utilize the tuition benefit?

Yes, employees on furlough will be able to use the tuition benefit.

Am I entitled to unemployment benefits to cover the loss of pay due to the furlough plan?

The Colorado Dept of Labor and Employment (CDLE) administers the unemployment benefit process, and the most complete information can be found on the CDLE's unemployment page.

Am I expected to perform work while on furlough?

No, a furlough is a day (or more) off from work with no pay. No work should be performed while on furlough and hours should not be made up for the week. No adverse action should be taken regarding employee performance for the hours not worked due to furlough.

Does an employee have grievance rights regarding the furlough or temporary salary reduction?

Neither the placement of an employee on a furlough nor a temporary salary reduction gives rise to any grievance or appeal rights.

Will the length of service date be affected as a result of a furlough?

CU length of service dates are not adjusted during furloughs.  For PERA, an employee must earn $580 in a month to have that month counted towards service credit.  If a furlough lowers the amount of earnings lower than $580, that month will not be counted as PERA service credit.

Can furloughed employees take outside employment while on leave?

Furloughed employees may work other jobs, subject to the Administrative Policy Statement 5012. Any earnings may impact unemployment benefits.

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