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Thinking about a goal is easy. Making a plan to hit the mark requires focus.

That’s why we’ve created a learning guide with resources to help you set achievable, measurable goals. Consider your goals and set your aims. Then, print a reminder poster for your office and mark off items as you hit your targets. 

1. Get started with our learning guide

Use the Goal Setting Learning Guide to find Skillsoft and Lynda.com videos, books, courses and more to help you select your goals, determine how feasible they are and begin your planning.

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2. Draft your goals and track progress

Use this worksheet to develop concise, trackable and realistic goals using the SMART technique. Then, print a reminder poster for your office and check off your goals throughout the year.

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Integrate Skillsoft and Lynda.com into your plan

Skillsoft and Lynda.com can be a valuable asset in your professional development. Continue to grow a variety of skills with topics ranging from business and graphic design to website development and more.

Explore Skillsoft and Lynda.com

  1. Log into your CU campus portal
  2. Click on the CU Resources tab. (Note: Your home screen may be the CU Resources tab.)
  3. Select Training.
  4. Select Start SkillSoft or Lynda.com. The system will open in a separate window.

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