By the end of this microlearning, you will be able to:

1. Identify effective learning strategies.
2. List steps you can take to learn more effectively.
3. Identify a skill you plan to learn.
4. Create a plan for learning your identified skill.


Complete this self-assessment by clicking on the radio buttons, then find your total score at the bottom of the chart.

After completing the self-assessment, identify the active listening skills that are your greatest strengths, and those that need improvement.


TED Talk, The First 20 Hours, How to Learn Anything 

TED Talk, Learning How to Learn 

Teaching Smart People How to Learn, Harvard Business Review 


  1. Learning requires aspiration, curiosity, vulnerability, and self-awareness. 
  2. The first step in learning a new skill or concept is to set learning objectives. 
  3. The second step in learning is to gather the best resources - the fewer resources the better. 
  4. Learn the skill:
    1. What is the most important information to know? 
    2. Use memory techniques: imagery, chunking, connect the information to what you already know, test yourself, interleaving, metaphors, analogies, mnemonics 
    3. Focus your time and avoid distractions 
  5. Practice for about an hour, then take a 10 minute break - creative ideas come when you are relaxing 
  6. It takes about 20 hours to learn a new skill or concept and 10,000 hours to become an expert 

Plan for Application

Review your self-assessment. Then, complete this guide to create a plan for applying active listening skills.

Additional Resources

Additional resources on active listening can be found in this learning guide.


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