Personnel Effort Report (PER)

By federal law, the university must document the effort expended by employees paid by grants and contracts (OMB Circular A-21 Cost Principles for Educational Institutions).

The Personnel Effort Report System (PERS) is an after-the-fact certification system that accurately documents these employees' effort on projects for sponsoring agencies. The Personnel Effort Report (PER) certifies the level of effort expended on sponsored project(s) during a particular timeframe. This provides sponsoring agencies reasonable assurance that the labor costs charged to a sponsored project reflect the actual effort expended on the project.

The PER can be generated on a quarterly, semester or monthly basis, based upon campus needs. Reports are generated for any employee paid on any sponsored project (HRMS FOPPS is in Fund 30 or 31).

The employing campus sponsored programs office distributes the PER Form to the employing department for confirmation of accuracy by the employee and/or the designated responsible official. Once the form is certified as correct, and any needed changes have been made, the employing department notifies the campus sponsored program office. The PER system is then used to track the receipt of the forms, so any missing forms can be identified and located.

For additional information, contact the specific campus sponsored program offices and the following websites:

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