Earnings Advice

Paid employees can view and print their earnings information on the employee portal on the CU Resources tab in the Payroll and Compensation section under Pay Advice. The summary including gross and net will be available for review 5 days before pay day. The detailed PDF version of the pay advice will be available on and following each pay day, which includes the year to date totals of earnings, taxes, before and after tax deductions and CU's contributions to benefits.

Previous advices also are available for reprinting, from January 2004 to the current pay date.

Employees should regularly review the information printed on the earnings advice—particularly when expecting a change in wages, additional pay such as overtime, changes to deductions and any direct deposit changes. Employees are encouraged to retain and secure their earnings advice for future reference. The employee portal is not accessible for former employees. Former employees who need a copy of their pay advice should contact payroll at 303-860-4200 option 2.

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Please Note:

The PDF version of pay advices can be accessed through Internet Explorer (IE) or Firefox. If the PDF file box next to the paycheck number is checked, but the employee is unable to access the PDF, it is likely because there is a pop-up blocker on the browser.

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