Address Change (W-2 Address Verification)

Address Change

W-2 Address Verification

Employees' permanent and mailing addresses can be verified by the Personal Data Worksheet report. The address in the "EDIT MAILING ADDRESS – LOCAL" section of the report is the address used to mail employees’ W-2s, warrants and advices.

Each year, W-2s are mailed by January 31. To ensure W-2s arrive on time and are sent to the correct mailing addresses, you must enter employee mailing address changes into the HRMS by the first week in January.

The Personal Data Worksheet report can be run for an individual employee or by department. We recommend departments distribute individual reports to their employees in November of each year, asking them to verify or correct their address information.

To run this report, please use the following navigation:

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This report prints for a specific employee in a department or all employees in a department.

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