Leave of Absence without Pay

Leave of Absence without Pay

Departments with an employee going on approved leave without pay should utilize the Leave of Absence (LOA) action in conjunction with an appropriate reason code in the Human Resources Management System (HRMS) when entering this update to the employee's job data. 

The employee may elect to continue benefits or to waive them while on an unpaid leave of absence, subject to plan restrictions. If the employee elects to continue his/her benefits, the department must continue to pay the University contribution.

LOA Requirements

  • Before going on leave, faculty, university staff (formerly professional exempt employees) and state classified employees who are benefits eligible must contact Employee Services about their option to continue or waive benefits while on leave. 
  • Before going on leave, PERA participants must contact Employee Services to complete the appropriate CU and PERA leave forms. 
  • Before going on leave, employees should contact their campus human resources department (classified) or their appointing authority (faculty/university staff) to receive employment information related to their job status, including potential effects on state length of service.
  • State classified employees may wish to review the state document, "Technical Assistance – Time Off" for additional information on unpaid leave (leave without pay).

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