Overtime Eligible Employment

Overtime-Eligible Employment

To determine whether an employee is eligible for overtime pay, campus human resources staff review the employee's job duties (recorded on the position's official job description). Staff will then assign the appropriate job code to ensure the correct designation. An overtime-eligible employee is non-exempt from Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) overtime requirements, and those exempt from FLSA overtime requirements are not eligible for overtime.

Because positions with similar job titles perform similar functions, you can use the default FLSA status column on the job code table as a general guide. If a job title has one or both designations (exempt or non-exempt), campus human resources staff must select which is appropriate. To see whether a specific employee is eligible for overtime payments, check the employee's job data record. Exempt or non-exempt FLSA status will be shown on the job information page, based on the designation approved by the campus human resources office for that individual position.

When employees with the same job code have different job duties and spend a different percentage of their time on those tasks, they may have different FLSA statuses (exempt or non-exempt). For example, one accounting technician IV position in the same department may be designated as H8B4XN (non-exempt from overtime) while another accounting technician IV position may be designated H8B4XX (exempt from FLSA overtime requirements). 

Campus departments should contact their human resources department for assistance.  See the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) page for additional information.