Employee Pay: What Stops It?

A number of actions will stop an employee's pay, such as:

  • termination
  • short work break
  • leave without pay
  • suspension

Actions that do not stop pay include changes to:

  • existing position data
  • position data that is in proposed status
  • funding expiration.

Additionally, most job data updates will not stop pay, with the following exceptions:

  • appointment end date, unless accompanied by an action that terminates the employee or puts the employee on a short work break*
  • unapproved transactions to an employee’s job data.*

See also - What Stops Employee Pay? 

*For detailed information on job data updates that will or will not stop pay, see the Automatic Termination Process.

Several reports are available to assist in monitoring these actions and how they affect employee pay. Running and reviewing these reports on a regular basis provides an opportunity to prevent problems with payroll before there is a significant impact to the employee.

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