Meet with your eComm specialist. Review your communication and event goals and learn how eComm can best support your efforts. Complete our questionnaire with your team beforehand.

Interested in an eComm license? Request access and your eComm specialist will arrange a discovery session.

PROCESS OVERVIEW | 6 Steps to Start using eComm

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CURRENT STEP | Discovery


Discovery Questions

Interested in leveraging the eComm platform for your communications and/or events? Complete the discovery questionnaire below with your team before meeting with your eComm specialist for discovery. These questions, aimed at identifying key business needs, will ensure that your eComm specialist can best support your efforts.

Your eComm specialist will continue to be your primary point of contact, providing direct user support including office hours and user groups.

The discovery questions are listed below:


NEXT STEPS | Data Security Training

Once your eComm specialist determines you're a good candidate for an eComm license, complete data security training.