May 15, 2014

Weekly eComm Tip: Reach all your recipients.

When you “Address & Assemble” your email, you have to select from a list of “Available preference categories” at the bottom of the screen(see screenshot below). You need to select one or more of these three preference categories:

  • Thank You Emails
  • Giving Opportunities
  • Advancement Events

If you select one of the other preference categories, there is a good chance that some of your recipients will not receive your email. Many of the preference categories may seem like a very logical choice for the particular email you’re sending—don’t be fooled! For best results, use only the three preference categories above, which have been created specifically for Advancement emails. If you’ve done this correctly, the recipient count in Address & Assemble should be the same as the list count in Create and Manage Lists.

Confused? Email or call your eComm specialist with any questions about this important info!

Email Preferences